4 Common Mistakes Carried Out With Pay By Phone Billing

mobile commuterIf you’ve been following us for a while now, you’d know that we are strong proponents for pay by phone billing. Hell, it’s even in our name: casinopaybyphone.co.uk! And why shouldn’t we? It’s fast, easy, efficient and can be a great alternative to other payment methods at mobile casinos.

However, not all players out there are entirely sure how they work. Worse yet, they think they know but continue to make basic errors that stop them from putting down a payment. Here are the four of the most common (yet simple) mistakes players who use pay by phone billing make.

Failing To Check Details

mobile payment methodsThe first error people tend to make when it comes to pay by phone billing is forgetting to check their details first. This really is a simple fix and 9/10 is usually what causes problems for players, meaning troubleshooting should be a quick and easy process. However, it is still prevalent and people could take extra measures to avoid it.

Our advice is to you is to check, check and check again that the details you’ve sent are correct. It’ll drive you nuts if you keep getting wrong what can easily be solved quite quickly.

Not Replying To Confirmation

Mobile PaymentsIf you do even a basic Google search on pay by phone billing at mobile casinos, you will find that in order to secure a payment you need to send your initial payment text and reply to a confirmation text in order for it to go through.

A serious amount of players don’t know this until it’s too late and end up not paying anything because of their ignorance of the confirmation-based system. Make sure you don’t do this otherwise you won’t get money into your wagering account.

Entering Confirmation Code Incorrectly

pay by phone validation codeSimilar to the above post thought not quite the same is the fact that many people do not check to see if they’ve entered their confirmation code correctly with pay by phone billing. Basically, check your SMS message before you send it just to be sure.

If you fail to do this, the transaction will become null and void, so make sure you do the process properly the first time. Our advice would be to copy and paste the confirmation code from the original SMS into the one you want to send out. That way, there’s no way you can get it wrong.

Exceeding £30 Limit

Boku Deposit LimitFinally, one of the most common errors made with pay by phone billing is players going over the daily limit of £30. It’s pretty common knowledge but every network has imposed this limit to protect the player from overspending. However, those new to pay by phone billing wouldn’t be so savvy and might spend too much on their first go.


Basically, all it takes is some extra effort on part of the player to do their research before choosing to use pay by phone billing. You don’t want to end up overspending or not spending at all because of a silly error that could be fixed in a second.

Best Ways To Casino Deposit Without Hidden Fees

casino deposit feesMany people think that paying additional fees when making casino payments isn’t fair. When you withdraw, you lose a small portion of your winnings. When you deposit, you get less to gamble with than you actually deposited. And the more you do this, the more you lose in the long run.

Luckily, it’s possible to avoid such fees completely while still enjoying your favourite mobile casinos. It all depends on the casino policy and the payment methods that you use. Not all of them have transactional fees, no matter if you want to cash in or out. That’s what we’ll focus on today. Read carefully and remember it if you want to save your money. For a regular gambler, it could amount to a small fortune after a while.


Casino Deposit Without Fees

While some payment methods apply a service fee all the time, others keep nothing to themselves. We won’t cover them all, but we’ll mention both the best and the worst choices in terms of casino depositing fees and their sizes.


How Not To Casino Deposit

just don't do itMany payment options do not have fees that would be taken from the player’s accounts or transactions. The cost starts rising when you use particular payment methods via other services, pay from another country or use a different currency altogether. However, there are some ways of casino depositing that will take a portion of your deposit every time.

Universally, almost all e-wallets have certain transaction fees. For example, Neteller subtracts 1.9% of your money when you top up the e-wallet. You can’t use Neteller without depositing into it first, though, so there’s no way to avoid this annoying fee.

The same applies to Skrill, another extremely popular e-wallet that most online casinos accept. It also takes 1.9% of your money when you pay with a bank card. That’s, by the way, what Skrill does best. It allows paying with a bank card much more conveniently. If you deposit £100 every month, that’s almost £2 ‘monthly’ fee.


The Best Ways To Casino Deposit

mobile casino playerOn the other hand, pay by phone bill methods never charge fees directly from their users. Instead, payment intermediaries support this service, leaving mobile gamblers unscathed. While these methods do not support casino withdrawals, deposits are always free, at least when it comes to the service itself.

This makes low payments especially fair when using pay by phone. Some other methods have minimum fees which can get feel really high when dealing with very small sums of money. Since pay by phone billing allows tiny transactions up to £30 only, the zero charge is actually what makes this method viable in the first place.

So, whether you use Boku, Payforit, Pay by Phone or any other mobile depositing service, you can deposit safely, knowing that whatever you pay for, you get in full. This doesn’t mean that fees can’t be applied by other means. However, when it comes to these methods, they’re completely free more frequently than others.


Casinos Can Still Apply Transaction Fees

casino hidden feesSpeaking of other means, which we mentioned earlier, even payment methods that have no fees can cost a little extra. That’s because casino operators themselves can add transaction fees on top. This way, a fee is deducted from a deposit or a withdrawal that goes to the casino itself. That’s why it’s very important to check the terms of each casino you’re considering or already playing at.

Needless to say, such fees don’t come in place of the other fees that are inbuilt to the service. Multiple fees can stack, making the transaction even more costly to the player. Some casinos add fees to almost all the payment methods, while others refrain from such practices altogether. In general, it’s a good way to make players use certain depositing methods instead of the other ones.

When gambling operators do decide to charge players for playing at their sites, they often stay away from phone billing options. That’s why we chose them as the best way to casino deposit without fees. For example, Paysafecard is also free (except for a monthly account maintenance fee), but casinos like to charge extra for using it. Up to 5% or even 9% transaction fees are possible.

So, our ultimate advice is to continue using phone billing, unless your casino has a better offer. In most cases, though, it will be completely free. To make sure that it’s so, always check the payments section and FAQ of a new casino. They must provide this information if they’re legit, so you’ll see in advance what you would be paying for and how much.

The 3 Biggest Reasons Mobile Deposits Are The Safest Form Of Payment

Secure PhoneMobile deposits have gained quite a bit of popularity over recent years, and with good reason. They are easy, convenient and make life so much easier for the depositing online gambling players. All they have to do is send a simple text in order to pay it in. Companies are even trying to create an alternative service that are as simple and as swift as this service is due to its enormous popularity.

On the other hand, there are other advantages to mobile deposits that nobody really talks about. The biggest of them is security. For some reason, mobile deposits have gained the reputation of not being safe whatsoever. This is probably due to the fact that mobile deposits don’t require things like a username, pass code or PIN in order to use. Either way, it couldn’t be further from the truth. Mobile deposits are perfectly safe. Not only that, but we’re going to give you three reasons today as to why mobile deposits are the safest form of payment there is at a mobile casino.

Properly Regulated

UK Gambling CommissionOnce, mobile deposits were regarded as the outsiders of the online gambling industry, and to an extent that’s true. They were originally built to be used to update subscriptions to online magazines and the like. The process wasn’t built with online gamblers in mind. They adopted it all the same, however, and since then it’s been seen as a seedy, underhanded way of making payment — unregulated and unlawful.

The truth is, mobile deposits are very heavily regulated. No less than three governing bodies keep an eye on mobile transactions like these in order to ensure that none of them are doing any underhanded deals. These bodies include the Association of Interaction Media and Micropayments, the Phone-Paid Services Authority, and Ofcom. That’s not even covering the UKGC or other gambling-related organisations that maintain the peace. In other words, anyone who says mobile deposits aren’t regulated is seriously misinformed.

Physical Limitations

pay by mobileThe primary reason for guaranteed safety with your money, on the other hand, comes from the physical barriers players encounter when making said payments. E-wallets and credit cards can always be hacked or stolen and since sensitive information is stored on both this proves to be a massive disadvantage. Mobile deposits require no such information in order to operate. You can simply text the amount using your phone number and that is all it takes.

A one-time confirmation code gets sent to your phone every time you want to make a mobile deposit. Once it’s used, it can never be used again so the payment of that moment is secure. Any potential thieves or hackers need to work very hard in order to get a hold of your money. The first step would be to actually have your phone in their hand and we all know how unlikely that will be. In short, it’s almost impossible for your money to be taken from you.

Guaranteed Privacy

bitcoin anonymousFinally, mobile deposits are secure for their tendency to value customer privacy above all else. It’s often overlooked as it’s so obvious but, unlike e-wallets and credit cards, there is no need to use private information in order to make a payment. Literally all it takes is your phone number and that is it.

Mobile deposits are no threat to privacy and that is how it should remain. Hell, most of the time you don’t even need a bank account to use it. If you user pay-as-you-go as your tariff plan then all the better. These are the main reasons why mobile deposits are the securest payment method you can use.

How to Block Phone Bill Deposits at Mobile Casinos

pay by phone low deposit micro transactionsWe spend an awful lot of time in this blog giving you all kinds of reasons why you might like to use phone bill deposits, and advice on the best way to make use of them. However, in this post we’re going to do the opposite. While phone bill deposits remain our absolute favourite way to bank at online and mobile casinos, we understand that there are some players for whom they may simply not be useful, or have even becoming a nuisance.

Yup, believe it or not, there are players out there who actually just want phone bill deposits out of their lives, and while we might not understand where they’re coming from, we can at the very least help them out. It’s actually possible for you to block phone bill deposits, so you won’t be able to use you phone to make payments. This is not just for mobile casinos, either; if you choose to block the service, you won’t be able to make any payments via your phone bill.

Why Block Phone Bill Deposits?

There’s as many reasons you might want to block the phone bill capability on your phone as those reasons why you might want to use them in the first place, but we’ll run you through just a couple of the main ones.

The top reason by far that people opt out of phone bill deposits is over use. For some people – especially those who suffer with problem gambling – the temptation to use the easy, quick and convenient pay by phone service may be just too much to fight. For others, it may just be a case of losing track of how much you’ve spent and accidentally going over budget for the month.

Other people might want to block phone billing on a phone for which they pay the bill but someone else – like child – uses. It might also simply be the case that players don’t ever want o accidentally use the service without noticing (though, we can hardly imagine in what instances that might happen).

How to Block Phone Bill Deposits

Boku Blocked So, what do you have to do to block the phone bill depositing service? Do you have to contact casinos individually to make them stop accepting these payments? No, come on, that would be silly! What about contacting the payment intermediaries like Boku, Payforit or Pay by Phone? Nah, that would be a long and tedious process to cover them all.

No, to block phone bill depositing, you need to go straight to the source and contact your mobile phone network provider, and request that they block it on your account. It’s as simple as picking up your phone and calling up the customer services of the phone network provider you use (T-Mobile, EE, Orange, Vodaphone, etc.) and requesting that they put a block on your number.

It doesn’t matter if you’re on a pay monthly plan, or if you have a pay as you go service, your phone network provider will simply apply the block to your number, so you’ll no longer be able to make phone bill deposits no matter how you pay.

If You Block One Payment Intermediary, Can You Use Others?

Payment IntermediariesSay you usually use Boku as your payment intermediary for phone bill deposits, and you choose to block your network from making Boku deposits. Would you then, theoretically, still be able to use other payment intermediaries to make such payments, or would they all be blocked? Well, whether this is good news or bad for you, the truth is, they’d all be blocked.

When you contact your network service provider and request to block mobile payments, they’re shutting down your entire ability to use the premium SMS service facilitated by your mobile network. They don’t really know or care who you’re using as an intermediary to make such payments; if you ask them to stop you from being able to use the service, it’s all or nothing.

Problem Gambling

If you’re thinking about blocking phone bill deposits because of problem gambling, it is a great first step! However, you should also consider reaching out to professionals for help. You can find more information and resources about quitting gambling over at begambleaware.org or by visiting the website of the gambling charity GamCare. As with any addiction, it’s easiest to quit gambling if you have help, support and guidance.

What And Who Are The Phone Billing Payment Intermediaries?

PayForIt SmartphoneLet’s be honest, we don’t understand the vast majority of the technology we use on a day to day basis. For example, you’re probably reading this on a smartphone or tablet and I bet you don’t REALLY understand how it works. Most of the time it’s OK to not fully understand the systems that are working away to make 21st century life possible, but there are other times when it is actually useful to have a handle on things.

And so, in our apparently unending discussion of phone bill deposits, we come to the topic of payment intermediaries — the all-important middlemen you never realised were so integral to your phone billing. In this post, we’ll introduce you to the basic principle of what payment intermediaries are and enlighten you as to who exactly these special and important companies are.


What Are Payment Intermediaries?

When you make a phone bill deposit, you might just assume that your phone network provider is sending cash directly to your chosen casino. However, phone companies tend to be too busy being phone companies to worry about the micro-transactions each of their users are making to phone bill casinos. So, they tend to palm off this work to middlemen, who take the payments in bulk from networks and dribble them through to casinos.

Yup, there’s a mysterious third man in the transaction, who aggregates payments, working between the customer, networks and casinos to iron out technical and legal issues. If the payment intermediaries are doing their jobs correctly, you’ll hardly notice them doing their jobs at all! But how exactly does it all work?


How Payment Intermediaries Work

PayForIt PaymentThe most basic element of the payment intermediary business model is the billing engine – i.e. the means by which it takes money from the user to deposit at casinos. The most successful payment intermediaries are those, which have the billing engines that are easiest to integrate into the casinos’ platforms. The bits of these you don’t see are the analytics tools, which allow the companies using these payment intermediaries to analyse data about how the payments are being used.

Once they have the technology in place, intermediaries approach mobile networks to set up relationships which they can then use as a selling point when they’re trying to sell their products to casinos. It is then the payment intermediaries’ job to ensure that the payments between networks and casinos run smoothly and that they are in line will all the latest regulations and rules.


Who Are The Payment Intermediaries?

There’s a very good chance that you’ve already heard of Boku. After all, it is the biggest payment intermediary there is and it is often branded at the casinos at which it features. Yet, there are many other companies, which offer a similar service without being so overtly involved with the operation. Many of these companies are actually owned by phone network providers or casino operators to bring the whole process in-house.Payment Intermediaries

To name just a couple of these companies, you’re looking at the likes of Bango, ImpulsePay, Dialogue, txtNation and Oxygen8. Although these might all sound like white rappers from an early 2000s rude-boy music group, they’re all in fact the companies that make the payments you take for granted every day.

Four Pay By Phone Casinos With Huge Promotions And Bonuses

Cash Around Mobile PhoneOne of the biggest factors to consider when choosing a new casino is how well you’ll be rewarded for your loyalty. The beauty of the online casino industry is that there’s hundreds of sites to pick from.  This means that, most of the time, if you don’t find a casino’s bonuses and promotions appealing, you can simply opt to play elsewhere.

However, for pay by phone users, this isn’t always the case. Players, who deposit via Boku or any other phone bill depositing service, can sometimes find it a struggle to find a casino that serves all their needs. Both good pay by phone casinos and good casino promotions are few and far between, and so if you stumble across a site that offers one or the other, it may seem like you need to cut your losses and settle.

However, we’re here to tell you you’d be wrong to do so! We’ve rounded up the best casino sites which accept phone bill deposits AND offer some massive promotions, so that you can have the best of both worlds.


BGO Vegas Casino

bgo logoBGO is one of the UK’s most well known casino brands. This is, in part, due to their star studded advertising campaigns who have featured the likes of Dan Bilzerian, Paris Hilton and Verne Troyer, but it’s also because they’ve been providing a quality casino experience for over five years now.

With so many years of practise under their belt, it’s no wonder that they’re also one of the best sites to visit if you’re on the hunt for a great promotion. BGO know how important it is to make sure their players feel valued and that’s why there’s always at least three or four promotions up for grabs.

Furthermore, not only do these promotions often offer some life-changing prizes, but they’re also designed to be beneficial for all types of players. This is why the bonuses at BGO can be claimed whether your playing table games or slots, depositing via Boku or Mastercard.

BGO have also recently introduced a new welcome bonus that comes with up to 50 ‘fair spins.’ Fair spins are just like free spins, except they aren’t subject to any of the sneaky terms and conditions you may find at other casinos. This means there’s no maximum win restriction, nor are they tied to wagering requirements. Instead, anything you win from them can be withdrawn straight away.


GoWin Casino

GoWin Casino LogoGoWin launched way back in 2014, yet since then the site has been through a giant redesign. This overhaul not only made the casino more visually appealing, but it also secured them a place on many a top-10 casino list. This is because the new GoWin was created to run flawlessly across all devices and so it now appeals to both desktop and mobile players.

GoWin is powered by the Nektan brand, which has become synonymous with offering players the best pay by phone bill experience around. Not only do they accept Boku deposits, but you can fund your account straight from your mobile phone, meaning the whole process takes only a matter of seconds. Furthermore, as a Nektan casino, GoWin offers an extensive roster of games from different software developers and it’s updated every week.

When it comes to bonuses and promotions, GoWin are very generous. There’s always something on offer throughout the week, whether that’s free spins, cashback or extra deposit bonuses. Moreover, new players at the site benefit from a welcome package worth up to £850, which can be claimed by depositing as little as £10. You’ll receive three match deposit bonuses and you’ll also be awarded 50 free spins on Starburst!


mFortune Casino

mFortune logoNo pay by phone casino list would be complete without a mention of mFortune casino. mFortune was not only one of the first UK mobile casinos, but one of the first to accept Boku payments too. However, in contrast to the other sites mentioned in this article, mFortune is a small operation. The casino features 37 games, yet these are all hand-crafted and completely original. Furthermore, these games are designed to work perfectly on mobile devices and can even be downloaded as their own app.

Due to it’s size, players would be foolish to expect the kind of multi-million promotions that other sites may offer. However, mFortune have earned their place on this list because they’ve been giving away free cash from the day they launched. All new players at the casino are treated to a £5 no deposit bonus when they sign up, and this is totally wagering requirement free. This means that you can keep what you win straight away, without even having to fund your account. A bonus like this is a rare treat, but for mFortune Casino it’s just a part of their commitment to making sure their players feel comfortable and valued at all times.

mFortune players will also be treated to a 100% first deposit match bonus and an extra 10% bonus on any deposit thereafter. This means that each and every time you fund your mFortune account, you can expect a little more bang for your buck. Moreover, each of these bonuses is tied to a simple wagering requirement of 1x, which means that once you’ve played through the bonus, any winnings are yours to withdraw.

The Top 5 Pay by Phone Casinos For Playing Table Games

Poker Chips and Playing Cards on TableWhilst we talk about slots a lot on this blog, we know that table games are the reason some players visit the casino. Table games such as blackjack, roulette and baccarat are some of the oldest casino games in history and they offer excitement, glamour and chances to win big.

Pay by phone depositing is also one of the most desired features of an online casino. Phone bill deposits are quick, secure and convenient, which is why they’re one of our favourite ways to fund our accounts. That being said, pay by phone casinos can be hard to come by and pay by phone casinos that offer a healthy range of table games are even rarer. Luckily for you then, in today’s post, we’ve complied a list of our top five places where you can enjoy both!


1. GoWin Casino

GoWin Casino LogoWe’re kicking this list off with GoWin — a Nektan powered site that launched all the way back in 2005. Since then, however, GoWin has gone through various redesigns and since 2015, it’s been ran by Spotlight Gaming.

With this takeover came a fresh commitment to making sure that GoWin players had the best mobile casino experience possible. We have to say they sure have delivered on that promise! GoWin now stands as one of the best casinos around for gamers on the go, as it offers a huge games roster, a wealth of depositing options and an easy-to-use, bold, design.

GoWin boasts a grand total of 31 table games, which includes 17 variants of blackjack and eight different roulette titles. In addition, players can enjoy punto banco, pontoon and Texas Hold’em games. One of the reasons GoWin has made this list is because not only do they offer a large selection of games, but they also offer a diverse range of different software developers and types of table game. For instance, players can choose between classic video table games or live dealer rooms, which allow you to play in real-time with a professionally trained croupier.

Furthermore, GoWin offers five blackjack titles by Felt Gaming. Felt are a recently new games designer, but they’ve been turning heads, thanks to their beautifully designed and fully mobile-compatible games. What’s more, they also offer some novel versions of the classic game, including ‘Perfect Pairs’ and ‘Lucky Lucky’, which both include additional side bets.


2. Vegas Paradise Casino

Vegas Paradise Casino LogoVegas Paradise only falls slightly behind GoWin as it offers a whopping 30 table game titles. Games include roulette, blackjack, Texas Hold’em and Deuces Wild, and they can all be accessed via mobile, tablet or desktop. This means that every player should be able to find something that suits their needs, and there are even specific games for both low rollers and high rollers.

Vegas Paradise also offers a handful of live dealer rooms, including three blackjack games from world-class software developer NetEnt. These rooms allow you to stream a real life game and interact with professionally trained dealers. In comparison to video table games, live dealer rooms give a more immersive experience and bring that Las Vegas glamour straight to your living room.

As a ProgressPlay casino, Vegas Paradise has always catered for pay by phone bill users and deposits can be made via Boku on the desktop site or by using the casino app. Moreover, new players can pick up a 100% deposit match bonus, worth up to £200, when they make their first deposit at the site.


4. Casumo Casino

Casumo LogoThere is no question about it that Casumo offers an amazing amount of table games — 70 titles to be precise. However, you’ll find that many of these are the same game, just with different wagering limits. Of course, this means that the casino caters for all sorts of players, and it’s the perfect place to practise too. If you’re new to table games, why not try out the lower limit games first and then, as you hone your skills, you can move on to the higher risk versions.

At Casumo, there is a plethora of blackjack and roulette games, but that’s not all. The casino also offers Caribbean Stud Poker, Texas Hold’em, Baccarat and Punto Banco. In addition, you can enjoy both live dealer rooms and video games from software developers such as NetEnt and Play N’Go.

The other great thing about Casumo is that it lets all players participate in the unique and innovative ‘Casumo Adventure.’ This gamification aspect of the site allows gamers to pick up rewards and trophies as they play and the chance to level-up and visit new ‘locations’ with bigger and better prizes.


4. BGO Vegas Casino

BGO Vegas are a UK casino giant and they’re well known for their star studded television adverts. With all this glitz and glamour, it should be no surprise that they also offer an extensive range of Las Vegas style table games. At BGO Vegas there are 42 table games to choose from, 10 of which are live dealer rooms. Players can enjoy multiple variants of roulette, blackjack, baccarat, Texas Hold’em and Pontoon. Furthermore, the casino offers a unique blackjack title that boasts a progressive jackpot.

One of the best thing about playing table games at BGO Vegas, however, is that there are always promotions that are specifically geared towards table game players. Unlike most casinos, not all of BGO Vegas’ offers are centered around slots and there are actually currently two bonuses, which blackjack players can pick up.

Furthermore, BGO Vegas is one of the most generous casinos around. They often have huge giveaways and their welcome package isn’t too shabby either — you can receive a 200% bonus of up to £200 on your first deposit! As one of the most popular UK casinos, you can also depend on BGO Vegas to be trustworthy and to offer an excellent customer support service. This is perfect if you’re a first time pay by phone depositor and you’re worried you may run into some issues.


5. mFortune Casino

mFortune logoUnlike the other casinos on this list, mFortune doesn’t actually boast that many table games. In fact, they only have four casino titles: Hi Lo Poker, European Roulette, Blackjack and Texas Hold’em. However, what makes this site special is that all four games are completely unique, as mFortune are powered by InTouch Game, meaning all of their games are homegrown. Just to reiterate, this means you can’t play these versions of classic table games anywhere else.

Whilst exclusivity is great, it doesn’t mean anything unless the game is worth playing, yet luckily that definitely isn’t a problem here. mFortune’s table games are all beautifully crafted and are playable for as little as 10p.  Furthermore, as with all mFortune games, these games run flawlessly across all devices and are fully downloadable for both iOS and Android smartphones.

mFortune also treat all new players to a £5 no deposit welcome bonus with no wagering requirements. This means that if you’re curious to try out the casino’s unique games, you can do so without spending any of your own cash, plus you can withdraw your winnings straight away!

Can You Make Phone Bill Deposits Using Another Handset?

mobile phone bill boku mobileThe vast majority of phone bill deposits made at mobile casinos are made using the phone bill of the handset the player is using to pay. It’s the most convenient way to make these payments and the way of doing it makes perfect sense to anyone. However, over our years of thinking and writing about mobile phone bill deposits, one of the most common questions players ask is whether it’s possible to make payments via phone bill on a device other than the phone you’re using.

The answer is yes, of course you can! It’s not just possible, it’s super easy and convenient to make such payments, way more so than you might think anyway. So, in this post we thought we’d quickly run you through exactly how you make a payment at a mobile casino using a phone bill deposit on an alternative phone.


Making Phone Bill Deposits From Another Mobile Phone

pay by phone low deposit micro transactionsThe first way you can use phone bill deposits is on another mobile phone. If you’re using a different mobile phone to make these deposits, you’ll quickly realise that the process for making such deposits is pretty much exactly the same as simply using the phone you’re using to play, only with a separate handset.

When you choose the mobile phone bill payment method, you’ll be invited to enter the phone number you want to charge and you simply have to enter the phone number of the handset you want to charge. From then on, the process should be familiar.

Because services like Boku, Payforit and Pay by Phone all simply send you confirmation SMS messages to reaffirm you want to make the payment, it doesn’t actually matter what number or what phone device you use. You’ll receive the message on the number you provide at the casino and you’ll either need to reply to the message or use the code it provides at the casino page.


Phone Bill Deposits From BT Landlines

BT Landline LogoIt’s not just other mobile phones you’re able to use to make phone bill deposits. Newsflash — if you have a BT landline, you’re also able to use this phone bill to make deposits in a similar method. Though not all casinos, which accept mobile phone bill deposits also accept BT landline deposits, the number that do is probably a lot higher than you think.

The idea is exactly the same as with mobiles: you enter the phone number you want to charge, BT will forward the money to the casino you’re using and you’ll pay for the deposit in your bill at the end of the month.

Obviously, because you can’t receive texts to a landline, when you provide a BT landline number to make a phone bill deposit, the service will call you and either provide you with a code to enter at the casino or else request you enter a code that the casino has provided you with. It’s basically like an audio version of the confirmation SMS message you receive when using a mobile phone. Other than this one quirk, the service functions in almost exactly the same way.

How To Make Simple Mobile Casino Deposit Using Pay By Phone

pay by phoneThere are a lot of ways for mobile depositors to pay using their mobile phone at their online casinos. We’ve already covered how you can make mobile deposits using Boku Mobile and Payforit, but we’ve only given a brief overview about the third largest mobile payment method you can use. It continues to grow in popularity all the time and that’s called Pay By Phone.

As the name suggests, Pay By Phone lets you make payments to your online casinos via your mobile phone. As we explained when we took a look at the differences between mobile depositing methods, Pay By Phone has a very unique way for players to make mobile deposits, which greatly cuts down on the time you have to spend in the depositing menus. So, let’s take a look at how you can make deposits using Pay By Phone and how it continues to be slickest mobile depositing service ever created.


How To Deposit At Your Mobile Casino Using Pay By Phone

pay by phone depositing screenWe’ll give you all the details you need to make deposits using Pay By Phone and then explain how it all works a little later on. But for now, this is what you need to know in order to make deposits using Pay By Phone at your mobile casinos:

  1. Firstly, make sure the casino you’re signing up with uses Pay By Phone as its mobile depositing service before you open an account
  2. As with all mobile casinos, you will have to verify a mobile phone number when you initially sign up with them
  3. Along with the standard welcome SMS you receive after you’ve signed up, you’ll also receive a four digit Pay By Phone validation number; keep this number safe so you can deposit with it later
  4. When you log into the casino, head to the depositing page of your casino and select Pay By Phone as your preferred depositing method
  5. You then must confirm the amount you want to deposit; it’s at this point you’ll also have to enter your 4 digit Pay By Phone validation number
  6. You then need to hit confirm and your payment will be authorised; you will receive an SMS message to confirm that your payment has gone through, acting as your receipt also
  7. You have now deposited and are free to use the casino


What Makes Pay By Phone Depositing Unique And Fast?

pay by phone validation codeYou may have noticed from just the instructions alone that Pay By Phone depositing is much different to other phone bill depositing methods. As usual, any transactions you make will be added to your end of the month mobile bill, or come straight from your mobile phone credit if you’re a pay as you go user.

On top of that, users will also be subject to a maximum depositing limit of £30 for each transaction that they make. However, when it comes to the way you deposit, Pay By Phone has a few tricks up its sleeve to make it faster to deposit than every other mobile depositing method. Don’t worry, because it will still retain the same security that makes phone bill depositing so secure.

Your Pay By Phone method is uniquely tied to every single casino you sign up with. Instead of using your mobile number as one of the ways to authorise a deposit, your casino signs you up with Pay By Phone from the moment you sign up with their service. Every time you go to make a deposit, instead of entering your mobile phone number, Pay By Phone already knows your phone number as its tied to your casino account.

Instead, you input a four digit validation code, which acts like a pin code to authorise the payment. Pay By Phone works more like an e-wallet like PayPal does. You go to make a deposit and then enter your password in order to confirm the purchase. Instead of having to type in your entire mobile number each time, you now simply enter a four digit code which is easy to learn off by heart.

pay by phone depositMobile depositing services like Boku Mobile and Payforit will also ask you to either enter a unique code, which is texted to you on each transaction, or to respond to an SMS message in order to confirm your payment. While these are simple enough, they do require you to have to leave the depositing page and return to your messaging app in order to read or send an SMS.

Pay By Phone doesn’t bother with this: it just gives you a pin code when you sign up and that’s all you need to enter to confirm the payment, giving you no reason to leave the depositing page. Pay By Phone retains its security by giving you that four digit pin code. Unless someone has taken your mobile phone, they will never know what your four digit validation code is in order to make payments.

You can even delete the SMS containing the code and memorise it to make sure that even if someone steals your phone, they’ll never be able to guess your code and make mobile payments without you knowing. Overall, Pay By Phone is a fast, simple and secure way to make mobile phone bill deposits, which stands head and shoulders above any other mobile depositing methods. You can find it at more and more casinos as the service gains in popularity for its user friendly way to pay.

Trustly & Zimpler — Can Either Unseat The Great Phone Bill Deposits?

Mobile PaymentsFor the last few years, mobile phone bill depositing has been quite rightly held up as the pinnacle of mobile casino depositing, treading as it does the line between functionality, convenience and safety. However, in about the last year, two new faces – those of Trustly and Zimpler – have become a lot more familiar on the mobile casino scene and are threatening phone bill depositing’s authority.

Both designed specifically with online and particularly mobile casino gambling in mind, they each incorporate many of the positive sides of mobile gambling while doing away with some of its drawbacks. We thought we’d take the opportunity to drill down into why mobile billing depositors might love these billing options and consider whether either is a viable replacement for phone billing in its entirety.


About Trustly

trustly logoBank wire transfers can be long, tedious and monotonous, which is why the people behind Trustly decided to launch a billing service which allows you to make payments directly from bank accounts, without the hassle of entering that 16 digit number over and over.

You can save the details of as many bank accounts as you like in your Trustly account, and pick and choose between them when you get to the casino of your choosing. Road-tested in Scandinavia and parts of Europe over the last few years, Trustly only came to the UK in early 2017. However, it has already become the go-to choice for many a mobile gambler.


Why Phone Billing Depositors Might Like Trustly

Although the money for your deposits is coming from an entirely different location – your bank account rather than your pay monthly phone bill – players who are used to making phone bill deposits will see more than a couple of similarities in the mechanism through which deposits are made with Trustly.

When you choose to use Trustly, you’ll be asked to provide your phone number – the one that is linked to your Trustly/bank account. After having done so, you’ll be prompted to choose which bank account or payment card you want the deposit to be made from. You’ll then be sent a confirmation SMS to your phone to make the payment go through.

This entering phone bill and answering an SMS means that not only does Trustly espouse the ease and convenience of a phone billing deposit, but it also offers the security the payment method boasts too. One perk here, though, is that the limits for Trustly are much higher than with mobile phone bill deposits.


About Zimpler

Zimpler LogoThere’s no other online or casino depositing method what has been designed more specifically for use at digital casinos than Zimpler. Developed by experts with years of experience within the gambling industry, Zimpler is so fully integrated into the casino’s you love, that you can manage your entire account from within the casino window.

You can create a Zimpler account, add as many payment methods as you like and make payments all without leaving the casino you’re playing at. This is like an e-wallet that’s been specifically engineered to be perfect for use by mobile phone casino gambler.


Why Phone Billing Depositors Might Like Zimpler

Although Zimpler is, for all intents and purposes, an e-wallet, because it’s so carefully integrated into the mobile casino experience, you can manage all your payment methods and account settings from the very casino you’re depositing at.

This means it carries much of the convenience of phone bill depositing – where you don’t have to login to another site to manage your money – but adds the bonus element of extra choice of how to pay, plus higher deposit limits.

That’s right: you can choose a different payment method for each different deposit you make. What’s more, because these methods are bank accounts and credit and debit cards, Zimpler can even be ultilised to make withdrawals from your chosen casino too.