Paddy Power Betfair Shows Significant Growth During 2016

paddy power betfair logoCasino mega merger Paddy Power Betfair has shown significant growth throughout all its divisions during the year of 2016. The company released figures this week, which reveal their impressive growth throughout last year. Revenue for the company came to a total of £1.5b, which was up by 18% from the year previous.

Earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) came to £400m, which was an increase of 35% over the previous fiscal year. Underlying profit saw an increase of 44%, which bought the total to £330m. Strangely, although numbers and profits were up across the board, since yesterday shares in the company have gone down by nearly 5%.


Paddy Power Betfair Sees Impressive Growth Within 2016

2016 saw a shift in the industry towards large scale mergers and acquisitions, as increased taxes from the UK government forced some of the bigger casino operators to band together. Among the largest of these agreed mergers was between Paddy Power and Betfair, in order to create Paddy Power Betfair.

While it was seen by many as a risky strategy at the time, combining two casino operators of their scale into one coherent business, it seems the move has paid off and the growing pains from earlier last year are starting to make way for financial growth going into the new year.

breon corcoran paddy powerBreon Corcoran, chief executive of Paddy Power Betfair, has explained that now the wide scale elements of the businesses have been combined, the aim for 2016 is to further refine its technological platforms, so they work more efficiently together as a single platform.

2016 was a transformational year for Paddy Power Betfair with much of the integration of the businesses completed sooner and more efficiently than expected. The integration of our technology platforms is on track and customers are already seeing some benefits, including more markets and better odds“.

Corcoran went on to champion the success of the merger and the increased strength it has bought both companies: “We have created a business with considerable scale that is stronger and better able to compete than either of the individual legacy companies. The group is well positioned to deliver sustainable, profitable growth“.


Paddy Power Betfair: A Look At The Future Of The Industry

merger ahead signWhile it could be argued that 2015 – 2016 was the year of casino operator mergers within the industry, 2017 could very likely continue that pattern of behaviour. After all, many casino operators that had planned mergers and acquisitions were hesitant to make such a bold step for fear of their businesses not surviving the transitional period.

With Paddy Power Betfair showing that the risks of such a decision pay off greatly in the long run, their success story could provide the inspiration needed to push further big name casino operators into taking the plunge and merging together.

It will be a while before we start seeing if Paddy Power Betfair’s success has any effect on the industry’s future, but their continued growth into 2017 in the wake of their large scale merger, shows that the industry is going from strength to strength, and mergers look to be a rational course of action for companies that want to keep up.

Mr Spin Casino Review – 50 No Deposit Free Spins Bonus

Mr Spin Logo Mr Spin is the youngest sibling in the InTouch Games family of casinos, which started way back with mFortune and also includes PocketWin. Knowing where this site comes from is so much more important than at your average casino, given the fact that these casinos are unlike any others.

Each of them comes with their own unique and exclusive games which you won’t find anywhere else, and all of them guarantee that you’ll never have to lose any of your bonus winning on wagering requirements. Mr Spin is a great little casino and an underrated one at that.


Available Games

Arguably the best and most attractive feature at Mr Spin casino is that the games it has on offer cannot be found anywhere else. That’s because each and every one of the titles released on the casino were painstakingly crafted especially for launching on the casino, which not only guarantees exclusivity and originality, but also means that InTouch Games has had the unique opportunity to craft games which fit well together while each offering something slightly different.

Mr Spin GamesSo what’s on offer? The casino launched last year with only a couple of games on its roster, but heading into 2017, there’s a bunch of unique slots on offer for you to play and enjoy. Launching with the relatively bland themed slots like Polar Slots and Arabian Nights, Mr Spin has recently really upped its game with releases like their Bonnie and Clyde themed slot, or Monkey Kong (a brazen rip off of Donkey Kong).

Unfortunately for fans of other casino games or bingo, this is a purely slots casino. This means, however, that you can use the 50 free spins no deposit bonus on absolutely any game you fancy trying out.


Welcome Bonus

Just like its two older sibling casinos, Mr Spin knows that to attract new players, you have to have a decent welcome bonus, and like its two older sibling casinos, Mr Spin offers both a deposit free and a deposit bonus to newly signed up players. However, unlike its older sibling casinos, Mr Spin doesn’t offer just a £5 no deposit bonus, it has something entirely different up its sleeve.

Weeeelllll, we say entirely different, but really, it’s a similar value of bonus, just in a different form. There’s 50 no deposit free spins which you’ll find in your account when you sign up. Unlike at many other casinos, which require you to spend your free spins on specific games, Mr Spin allows you to give any and all its games a go with your free spins. This means that you can really get to know the casino and its games, without the need to deposit any money yourself.

Monkey Kong 50 Free Spins

Once you’ve blown through all 50 of your free spins, it’ll be time to deposit, and when you do, there’s another treat waiting for you. You’ll be able to claim a hefty 100% match bonus worth up to up to £100 on your first deposit.

Now some players might think that 50 free spins and a £100 deposit bonus might not sound like a lot, but when you consider that the winnings from these bonuses are subject to zero wagering requirements – meaning that you keep what you win – their value is obvious.



It’s an unfortunate fact that the InTouch Games casinos aren’t all that big on recurring and seasonal promotions, however, that isn’t to say that there aren’t some perks available to returning players. For instance, if you refer a friend to play at Mr Spin, not only will they be able to claim all the welcome bonuses you had access to, but you’ll also be treated to a further 50 free spins to use on the games of your choosing.

Moreover, every single one of your deposits at Mr Spin could be subject to a bonus if you want it to be. The good news is that there’s a 10% bonus available on top of each and every one of your deposits. The bad news is that this deposit bonus is only available to players who are depositing on a credit or debit card. For those players taking advantage of the ability to deposit via phone bill at the casino, this is a bit of a kick in the teeth.



Mr Spin is by no means a big casino, so it makes sense that it wouldn’t have too many depositing and withdrawing options to pick from, however, those that are available represent a really useful cross-section of all the methods players might want to use.

On top of your standard pick of major credit and debit cards, Mr Spin accepts deposits via PayPal and Paysafecard. However, the real draw for many players is the fact that the casino accepts deposits via mobile phone bill – very much living up to its mobile first mentality.

Mr Spin Payment Option

All withdrawals can be made via the method you deposited with, except phone bill deposits, which require a cheque or bank transfer.



There may not be the biggest choice of games on offer at Mr Spin, and the roster may be entirely made up of slots, but that doesn’t stop it from being a fantastic little casino. The saving grace of the fact that all the games are totally unique to the casino makes it even more appealing, and all that on top of the total lack of wagering requirements makes Mr Spin quite the casino to try out. If you’re not too set on massive budget games and just want some simple fun, Mr Spin may well be the casino for you.

What Is Zimpler And How Do Zimpler Deposits Work?

Zimpler LogoWith the growth of mobile gambling still happening at an unprecedented rate, it’s small wonder that new banking methods are popping up all the time to help make your casino experience as convenient, safe and hassle free as possible. One such banking method which has seen an explosion in uptake since its launch in the UK last year is Zimpler.

What set Zimpler apart – and what has been responsible for its success – is that unlike other casino banking methods which are effectively re-purposed for used at online and mobile casino, Zimpler was built from the ground up for use at these casinos. This means it’s one of the best integrated payment methods you can find. But what is Zimpler, and how does it work? Let’s find out.


What Is Zimpler?

The people behind Zimpler knew that one of the most annoying things about mobile casinos for many players was the need to laboriously add the details of payment methods, especially if they wanted to utilise more than one. What they created to combat this problem – Zimpler – could be described as an e-wallet targeted directly at the mobile casino market.

When you set up a Zimpler account, you can add bank accounts, credit cards, debit cards and other e-wallets as payment methods, and the service will safely store all the login details for these methods centrally.

When it comes to making a deposit, all you need to do is login to your Zimpler account from your chosen casino, and you’ll be able to pick which payment method from which you want your deposit to be made. No need to save all your desired methods at every casino, and only one login to remember.


Making A Zimpler Deposit

So, we know what Zimpler is and why it’s such a good idea to use it, but that still leaves the question of quite how to use it to make deposits at mobile casinos. Luckily, because the whole point of Zimpler is that it’s super easy to use, it only takes a few short steps to get funds into your casino account.

Zimpler Login1. Sign In

At a casino which accepts Zimpler payments, choose Zimpler from the selection of payment methods on offer. Once chosen, you’ll be taken to the Zimpler portal and invited to login. Provided that you have already set up a Zimpler account, all you’ll need to do is enter your username and password, and you’ll have access to all the payment methods you’ve stored on the app.

2. Choose Deposit Method

Once you’re into the Zimpler interface, you’ll be able to see all the payment methods you’ve already added to Zimpler, as well as the option to manage them and add more. It’s at this point that you choose which of your saved payment methods you want to use for your deposit at your casino. Because all the details of your chosen method are stored by Zimpler, you don’t need to enter any more information or passwords.

3. Confirm Deposit & PlayZimpler Bill

Once you’ve chosen your payment method and value, all you need to do next is hit confirm on your deposit. To make sure you never make accidental payments, Zimpler will ask you to review your deposit and confirm everything is correct. Once you’ve done so, the payment will go through, and you’ll be free to play using your newly added funds.


Why Use Zimpler?

The benefits of Zimpler are manifold. There’s the obvious fact that you’ll only ever need one login to use multiple payment methods at mobile casinos. Using a Zimpler account is like having all your preferred banking methods ready to use at any casino you play at, even if you’ve just signed up. You only need to enter the details of each banking method the once, and then it’s saved for use through Zimpler forever.

Because Zimpler was built with mobile and online casino gambling in mind, its interface is integrated perfectly into any site you want to play at. When you pick Zimpler as your deposit method, whichever casino you’re playing at will present you with the standard Zimpler login page, which will then lead into the Zimpler app which will be familiar to you, and is super easy to use at any casino. This ensures you know exactly what’s going on, and can make deposits reliably and quickly.Zimpler Mobile Deposits Thumbs Up

There’s also a strong argument for Zimpler being a lot more secure than other depositing methods. When you save a payment method to Zimper, whether it’s a bank account, credit card or e-wallet login, it’s stored securely on Zimpler’s own servers.

When you make deposits, Zimpler takes money into its accounts, then deposits it at the casino, meaning the brands themselves will never know your banking information. This protects you from unscrupulous casinos and external hacking.

Yggdrasil Launches Beauty And The Beast Online Slot

Beauty and the Beast Slot Reels The classic fairytale of Beauty and the Beast got a feminist makeover this year, as Emma Watson stars as Belle in everyone’s favourite story of witchcraft and Stockholm Syndrome.

But it’s not just at the movies that the tale is getting a new outing; this week all eyes are turning towards Yggdrasil gaming, from who it seems we have just got a brand new Beauty and the Beast slot game. The game is just out, and we have the lowdown on what to expect from the game.


Beauty And The Beast

Now, there’s always been to ways to look at Beauty and the Beast – the first is as a classic romance story, in which love flourishes under the most unlikely of circumstances; the other is as a twisted tale of a girl sold to a beast by her father who makes the best of her bad situation.

Whichever way you look at it, it’s a story we’re all familiar with, and this isn’t the first time it’s been committed to our small screens as a slot, but with the new film release, it makes sense that Yggdrasil is cashing in on the moment with a new version.

Beauty and the Best ReelsSo what can we expect from the game? Well, this 5 reel, 20 payline game is obviously bedecked in the finery of a castle, and is replete with symbolism from the story (including the famous rose, of course). The game is a treat for the senses with the decadent visuals and a great soundtrack (for which Yggdrasil is becoming increasingly well-known).


Special Features

You’ll remember from the book/cartoon/live action film the fun and friendly characters which populate the castle, with the likes of the Butler, Chef and the Maid. Well, in the slot, each of these characters has been transformed into symbols on the reels, and when they appear together, they each trigger a unique bonus feature.

Depending on which character is active when you trigger the free spins round, you’ll be able to cash in on Nudge Reels, Synced Reels and Random Wilds. These features have the effect of exponentially improving your chances of earning big in the free spins game, and will always increase your winnings in the round. The real money spinner though is the Golden Bet feature, which makes it more likely in the base game that free spins will be triggered.

PocketWin Casino Review — Exclusive Games And 100% Bonus

PocketWin LogoPocketWin Casino comes from the same family of casinos as its older brother mFortune, and its younger brother Mr Spin. If you’re familiar with either of these sites, then there’s a good chance you’ll recognise many of the features found at PocketWin, including exclusive games content made in-house by InTouch Games, or generous bonuses subject to zero wagering requirements. The sites may be similar, but they each have a personality of their own, and having a whole roster of unique game titles ensure this.


Casino Stats

  • Games: 21 games including slots and table games
  • Welcome Bonus: £5 No-deposit bonus, 100% First Deposit Match
  • Deposit Methods: Debit/Credit Cards, Paysafe Card, PayPal, phone bill
  • Software: InTouch Games
  • Licensed by: UK Gambling Commission
  • Helpline number: +44(0)1384 888100
  • Help email: [email protected]


Available Games

Wintastic BeastsSo there are two notable things about PocketWin that really set it apart from other casinos. Firstly, there’s the fact that it applies zero wagering requirements to its bonuses, meaning that you keep what you win (but more on that later).

What’s important here is the fact that each and every one of the games you’ll find at PocketWin were made in-house and exclusively for the casino by InTouch Games. This means that in a very real way, the games you play at PocketWin cannot be enjoyed anywhere else!

After the casino’s launch in 2011, there was a couple of years during which the games on offer at the site were few and uninspiring. However, in the last couple of years, the casino really upped its game, and has been putting out a lot more games, which themselves have included a lot more inventive and unique themes and features. InTouch Games are recognisable for their cartoony graphics and penchant for mini-games.

Silver Shamrock SlotsYou only have to look at the three latest releases from PocketWin to see how far the development of games has come at InTouch Games.

Ok, so they did just put out an Irish themed game in the form of Silver Shamrock Slots, which you may feel is a little clichéd, but the game itself is as modern as they come, with gorgeous graphics, and two unique minigames which not only double your fun, but also give you a massive winning potential.

For a more out there gaming experience, you might consider playing the new Alice in Wongerland game – we’ll leave it up to you to work out what that one’s about, or enjoy Wintastic Beasts.

Wintastic Beasts is obviously a take on the new JK Rowling film of a similar name, and is filled to the rafters with magic and mystery. These games are treats of the eyes, ears and wallet, and are as innovative as they are fun.


Welcome Bonuses

PocketWin £5 No Deposit BonusJust like its bigger brothers, PocketWin really knows how to look after its new players. There’s both a great no deposit bonus up for grabs. Firstly, when you initially sign up as a new player, you’ll find a neat little £5, completely deposit free bonus sitting in your account ready for you to play with as soon as you sign up. Because this is deposit free cash rather than free spins, it means you’re free to use it however you like, and can enjoy any of the totally exclusive games you like with it.

Once you’ve used up the whole of your £5 deposit free bonus (or even before you’ve used it, if you like) you’re going to want to deposit. Depositing anything upwards of £10 from your first deposit will make you eligible to receive a 100% first deposit bonus worth up to a comfortable £100. This might not be the biggest bonus in the world, but it’s worth quite a lot, when you consider one thing about PocketWin bonuses.

The one amazing thing about PocketWin bonuses, which is the same as with mFortune and Mr Spin, is that the bonuses you receive (and this goes for all bonuses) are subject to zero wagering requirements. This means that in very real terms, you always get to keep what you win from bonus cash.



Giving decent bonuses to your new players is only half the battling in convincing people you’re a super generous site, which is why it comes as no surprise that PocketWin also goes to great pains to ensure returning players are treated well too.

Although you’re unlikely to find promotions popping up randomly, there’s a number of fixed bonuses you can take advantage of every day at the casino.

Firstly, you’re able to claim a deposit bonus each and every time you top up your account! That’s right, whenever you drop funds into your account, you’ll find that there’s an extra 10% in bonus credit added on top.

There aren’t many sites that are going to be that generous on the reload bonuses, and considering that you keep what you win on all bonuses, that 10% is actually worth quite a lot.

Next up there’s the refer a friend bonus. If you have a friend of family member who you think would enjoy what PocketWin has to offer, then you can recommend them to sign up, and when they do, you’ll be able to claim a neat little £5 bonus just for them signing up.

What’s more, you’ll receive a bonus worth 50% of their first deposit when they add funds to their account.



PocketWin Banking OptionsWhile your choice of deposit and withdrawal options isn’t the most crazily extensive in the world at PocketWIn, the selection is perfectly designed to fit around pretty much however you’d want to play.

For instance, if you want to keep it traditional, you’re able to deposit with most major credit or debit cards. If you want to use ewallets, you can make use of PayPal or PaysafeCard. And if you’re a forward thinking player on the move, you can take advantage of pay by phone bill depositing and enjoy speed and convenience.

Your withdrawals will all be processed via the same method as your deposit, other than phone bill deposits, where you can apply for a cheque or bank transfer.



Let’s consider the things you’re guaranteed at PocketWin: a £5 no deposit welcome bonus and a 100% first deposit bonus (neither of which is subject to wagering requirements), on top of this you have an entire roster of games which are unique and exclusive to the site, guaranteeing a totally different gambling experience from any other casino you’ve ever played at or will play at.

PocketWin isn’t the biggest or flashiest casino in the world, but it offers something you won’t find anywhere else, and that’s worth something.

What Is PayForIt Depositing And How Does It Work?

PayForIt LogoPayForIt is a wildly popular mobile casino deposit method, which allows players to make deposits directly into their player accounts from their mobile phone credit. They’re prized by players for their ease, speed and convenience, and can be used at an ever increasing number of casinos worldwide.

Set up by the mobile phone networks, this payment method works perfectly on pretty much any handset, and only requires you to have your phone on you. Want to know more in depth about PayForIt deposits and how they work? Read on to find out.


What Is PayForIt?

Let’s break this down to its basics first: PayForIt is the name of a service which allows players at mobile casinos to take advantage of premium SMS messages to make deposits. Premium SMS services allow you to make small scale payments online from your phone bill.

The payment into the casino is made by your mobile phone network provider, and they will add the cost of the deposit to your monthly bill, or debit it from your pay-as-you-go credit.

PayForIt Smartphone

There’s a couple of huge advantages to using PayForIt deposits, most notably the fact that there’s never any need to set up an account, that all you need to make the deposit is the phone you’ll be playing on anyway, and the deposits are entirely secure and private thanks to built-in security features.

Despite being limited to just £10 per deposit, thousands of players still choose to make PayForIt deposits owing to the service’s convenience and speed.


How PayForIt Works

The easiest way for us to run you through how PayForIt deposits work at mobile casinos is to run you through the stages of making one, and explaining why each step is important to the process.

Step 1: Find a PayForIt casino

This might seem like a bit of an obvious place to start, but it’s important to find a site which accepts deposits via PayForIt. In the banking sections of your chosen casino, you’re looking for PayForIt, or other services like Boku and pay by phone, which work exactly the same way.

It’s worth being picky when choosing your casino, as not all casinos will offer bonuses when you deposit with PayForIt, meaning it’s worth holding out for a site that will.

Step 2: Pick your banking option and choose your amount

The next stage in making your PayForIt deposit is to find the banking section of your chosen casino, selecting PayForIt (or other similar services), and choosing how much you want to deposit.

Here you’ll likely run into the most annoying thing about mobile phone bill deposits – the limits. Because of the nature of these deposits (they’re actually little loans that the network provider makes to you), they can’t be too big.

This is why your PayForIt deposits are limited to £10 per transaction, and £30 per day. For most network providers, this £30 is also the monthly limit. For high-rollers, these limits can really affect the way you play, but if you’re just a casual player, you shouldn’t have too much to worry about.

PayForIt Payment

Step 3: Receive and respond to the confirmation SMS

Once you confirm your deposit value, PayForIt will send you an SMS, asking you to confirm that you want to make the payment. There’s a double purpose to sending you this confirmation. Firstly, there’s the purely practical fact that responding to this SMS is the ‘premium SMS’ which charges your bill for the payment.

However, there’s the extra function in that the confirmation SMS acts as a security feature, ensuring that no deposits can be made without your authority, protecting you both from unscrupulous casinos and other fraudulent players.

Step 4: Check your payment and check

Once you’ve responded to the confirmation SMS, the payment should go directly into your casino account. You should be able to check right away if it’s been successful, and if it has, you can then simply get on with the important task of playing your favourite mobile casino games.

NetEnt Announces Quarter 2 Slots Roadmap of New Releases

NetEnt LogoOne of the many (many, many) reasons players are so fond of NetEnt as a developer is how transparent the company is about its games and future releases. The company makes a habit of letting players know well in advance when they’re planning to release a new game, and even goes as far as projecting months in advance what you can expect in terms of new releases. This week saw NetEnt release its plans for the second quarter of the year, and boy does it look like we have some absolute corkers to look forward to.


Fairytale Legends: Hansel And Gretel – 24th April

NetEnt loves a good series, and now that the NetEnt Rocks series has come to an end, the company has turned to fairytales for their subject matter. Having already tackled Little Red Riding Hood, they’ve now turned to the classic tale of child abandonment and cannibalism that is Hansel and Gretel.Fairytale Legends NetEnt Slots

When NetEnt sets its attention on something, you know it’s going to be great, which is why we’re hugely excited to see the company’s take on the double team of siblings who team up to fight a cunning witch.

Details of the game are thin on the ground, but that doesn’t mean we can’t speculate about what to expect. Seeing as the Little Red Riding Hood game was based in some woods, it seems likely that the upcoming release will try for something a little different – perhaps it will be set in the gingerbread house? Also, we’d be really surprised if NetEnt didn’t do something with the idea of the breadcrumb trail – perhaps a mini game?


Scruffy Duck – 11th May

With the Hansel and Gretel release, we at least have the fairytale subject matter to give us a hint about what we can expect from the upcoming game, with Scruffy Duck, unfortunately, we have nothing else to go on other than the name.

Scruffy Duck Mobile Slot NetEnt GameplayUnder different circumstances, one might assume that they were going to have a play on the ugly duckling story, but having two kid’s stories one after the other would seem a little silly.

Whatever Scruffy Duck ends up being, it seems pretty likely we can expect the game to be pretty silly and playful, and play on NetEnt’s masterful animation to create beautiful cartoon characters. We’ll look forward to the video previews that accompany all NetEnt releases to find out what the funk this is all about.


Copy Cats – 23rd May

Have you noticed a theme developing in the names of these upcoming slots? Yeah, there’s a whole load of seemingly animal themed games coming out over the next few months (and Copy Cats isn’t even the last one in this announcement). As with Scruffy Duck, all we know about Copy Cats is the name, and again like Scruffy Duck, it really doesn’t give a whole lot away.Funny Anime Cat

What can we glean from this name? Perhaps we’ll have a mini game as a bonus round in the slot where we’re able to take part in a matching game? Or perhaps there’ll be some kind of expanding wilds feature in which cat symbols are copied.

The internet is made of cats, or so they say, so it’s unsurprising that NetEnt would create a game celebrating that fact. How exactly it’ll do this is still yet to be seen. And since there are no previews of the game yet, here’s a cute picture of a cat!


Butterfly Staxx – 21st June

Ok, so butterflies might not be animals per se, but I think it’s fair to say that thematically, they fit into the same niche as cats and ducks. The delicate and peaceful nature of butterflies might not be the usual fodder for NetEnt, for whom flashy and exciting slots are the status quo, but their beauty plays straight into the developer’s strength of great aesthetics and graphics.

Neon Staxx Mobile SlotThe big clue as to what to expect in this games is the word ‘Staxx’, which rather begs the question – what is going to be stacked? Is this referring to stacked wilds? Or just stacked symbols? Are whole reels going to be converted into the same symbols? How many reels? What will the winning potential be? We can’t wait to find out, and reckon it’ll be quite similar to the older Neon Staxx game.

mFortune Review — 100% Welcome Bonus, Zero Wagering Requirements

mFortune logoThere are two reasons that mFortune casino has been on top of the mobile casino industry ever since it launched way back in 2008. Firstly, it was one of the very first casinos to come out as mobile first, and create a playing environment specifically designed to be enjoyed on small screens.

Secondly, it capitalised on its originality by infusing it with a good dollop of exclusivity: all its games are developed in-house by InTouch Games, and can’t be found anywhere other than at mFortune Casino itself. With over 1 million players having signed up in the last decade, mFortune is a giant which fits in the palm of your hand.


Casino Stats

  • Games: 32 games including slots, table games and bingo
  • Welcome Bonus: £5 No-deposit bonus, 100% First Deposit Match
  • Deposit Methods: Debit/Credit Cards, Paysafe Card, Skrill, PayPal, phone bill
  • Software: InTouch Games
  • Licensed by: UK Gambling Commission
  • Helpline number: +441384 880842
  • Help email: [email protected]



Bake Me a Winner logoThe big draw of mFortune for the majority of players who frequent the casino is the fact that the games you’re able to play at mFortune can literally not be found at any other casino.

This is because the casino doesn’t look outside its own doors to find titles for its roster, instead, each and every one of the slots, casino games and bingo you find on the site are made exclusively for mFortune. Their own team of developers at InTouch Games design and produce all of mFortune’s games, meaning they’re in full control of creativity and style.

Up until relatively recently, mFortune put out maybe one or two games a year, but after a boost of investment into development, the InTouch has been making new games for mFortune (and its two younger sister casinos PocketWin and Mr Spin) at a rate faster than you can play them.

mFortune currently boasts an impressive 32 games, with titles that include slots, casino games and bingo. You might not think that 32 is necessarily a lot of games, but when you consider that you’ll have tried none of them before, you’re definitely in for a treat.

Buster Ghost Banner

The slots at mFortune used to be pretty formulaic, like the rather aged Snakes and Ladders, or Cat and Mouse. However, in recent years, the casino has really upped its games in terms of features and game mechanics, which is why now you’ll find great games such as the innovative Buster Ghost, Bake me a Winner and Sherlock: Murdered to Death featured at the casino.

One thing all mFortune players acknowledge is the unique nature of the slots, including the way they look, sound, and the bonus features and games they hold in store. It’s definitely not just all about slots either at mFortune. There’s lots of classic casino table games on offer, including blackjack, roulette and two types of video poker.

Moreover, there’s an extensive choice of bingo rooms to choose from, with games running all day, and cheery chat hosts on hand to help give you the best experience possible. Of course, as with all the games, the table games and bingo software are all made in house, so can’t be experienced anywhere else.

mFortune Bingo


Welcome Bonuses

There’s something pretty unique about the way mFortune do bonuses, and it’s all about the wagering requirements – but we’ll get to that in a minute. First, let us tell you a little bit about what you’ll get as a new player signing up.

mFortune Welcome BonusYou don’t become and remain a hugely popular casino with over a million players without knowing a thing or two about how to attract players and keep them happy. What’s way mFortune’s welcome bonus is designed specifically to give players the best possible deal.

When you first sign up to mFortune, you’ll have £5 instantly credited to your account, without the need to make a single deposit. This £5 deposit free bonus can then be used to play on any game on the entire site, giving you free reign to try whatever you like.

Once you do decide to make a deposit, there’s an extra treat waiting for you. You’re able to claim a 100% deposit match bonus worth up to £100 on top of your first deposit, meaning you can wager twice as much or play twice as long as you might otherwise. Now, shall we get back to what we were saying about those wagering requirements before?

Well, it’s pretty simple really: there are no wagering requirements. While other casinos might expect players to wager 20x, 50x or even up to 100x the value your bonus before you can withdraw any winnings. This isn’t the case at mFortune; because there are no wagering requirements, you quite literally keep what you win, meaning you stand to gain an awful lot more from the bonuses than at a standard casino.



It’s not like mFortune only has you’re back if you’re a brand new player. Returning players also get treated to a raft of bonuses which will exponentially improve your playing experience. Firstly, mFortune keeps it super simple with a deposit bonus on all your deposits.

For each and every deposit you make into your player account, mFortune will give you a 10% bonus on top, that means if you deposit £100, you’ll have an extra £10 on top to play with. And like with all mFortune bonuses (chant it with me, kids) THERE ARE NO WAGERING REQUIREMENTS!

Unfortunately, mFortune isn’t too big on one time or seasonal promotions, but the benefit is that you know the recurring bonuses are here to stay. For instance, the other big recurring bonus on top of the 10% deposit bonus is the refer a friend bonus. Not only do you stand to gain another £5 absolutely free if you sign up a friend, you’ll also get a bonus worth 50% of their first deposit – it pays to have mates over at mFortune.



mFortune Deposit Via Phone Bill

Banking’s a pretty simple deal over at mFortune. Like the vast majority of mobile casinos these days, you’ll find yourself able to deposit via the usual suspects such as credit or debit card, Ukash, Skrill or PayPal, with withdrawals being possible through all these methods.

The jewel in the mFortune banking crown is its mobile phone bill deposit option. From as little as £3, you can choose to deposit funds directly from your phone’s monthly bill or credit into your casino account. Though you’ll need to use a bank transfer or cheque to withdraw your winnings, this is by far the fastest way to get money into your casino account.



The first word that springs into your mind when you think of mFortune is almost always ‘generous’. They’re generous with their bonuses, they’re generous with their wagering requirements, they’re even generous with their time when it comes to developing brand new games for us to enjoy.

Although it might not be the package every single slots player is looking for, it’s undeniable that the package that mFortune offers is entirely unique. Where else would you find a roster of 100% exclusive games on top of generous bonuses with zero wagering requirements? Yeah, exactly.

NetEnt Announces Planet Of The Apes Mobile Slot

Planet of the Apes NetEntThere are hardly any other mobile slot developers in the world pouring so much time, money and attention into sound and graphics these days as NetEnt. The developer has been praised time and again for its dedication to innovation, and it has been the company of choice for many huge brands to create themed slots.

One sector that makes up a big chunk of NetEnt games is the film industry, and NetEnt has already put out a number of titles themed around films. The latest film-cum-slot to be announced by NetEnt is its Planet of the Apes game, which is currently under development.


Planet of the Apes: Better Late Than Never

It’s pretty common that films get their own slots these days, with any big movie franchise having its own game or two. It’s funny, then, that such a long running franchise as Planet of the Apes (which, just to remind you, if nearly 50 years old) has never been turned into a slot before now. Planet of the Apes is an iconic tale, which has been rebooted a number of times on the big screen, and is the longest running film franchise not to have been given its own mobile slot before now.

NetEnt LogoIt makes perfect sense that with the wild success of the last two Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011) and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014) proving to be massive successes at the box office, it’s no wonder that both the studio behind the films and NetEnt would be keen to release a slot to coincide with the release of the next big film in the series, War for the Planet of the Apes, set for release in July.

So far, few details are available about what the new slot will look like, but given NetEnt’s track record of turning brands into beautiful slots, we’ve no doubt it’ll be a spectacle.



Emojiplanet SlotJust as a quick aside before we leave you; Planet of the Apes isn’t the only blockbusting film set to be turned into a NetEnt slot this year. The developer also announced last week that it would be creating a film themed around the upcoming Emojis Film which will be coming out later in the year.

If all goes to plan, the film and slot should be released at around the same time, so fans of the little digital smiles can enjoy both. There’s no word yet on what features the game will boast, but there’s no doubting the reels will heavily feature emojis as symbols.

Guide To Depositing With Boku At Mobile Casinos

Boku LogoBoku is one of the most commonly used methods of depositing at online and mobile casinos, and thanks to its ease, convenience and security, it has an ever increasing following of users. However, there are still plenty of players out there who have yet to discover the beauty of using Boku for their everyday casino deposits.

If you’re a casual player who tends to play when you’re on the move, then chances are Boku would be the perfect deposit method for you! In this guide we’ll introduce you to what Boku is, how you can use it to deposit at mobile casinos and take a look at some of the pros and cons of using the method. Read more