NetBet Gives Away 190 Free Spins Every 15 Minutes Until October

netbet 190 free spins every 15 minutes promotionPlaying video slots at a mobile casino while on the go is amazing. Unlimited accessibility and opportunity to play whenever you want make mobile casinos superior to everything else. Yet, not all of them offer instant gratification the way NetBet Casino does this month.

If you visit the casino any time from now to October, you’ll be able to join this promotion right away. That’s because 15-minute-long tournaments are taking place at NetBet throughout this month and you can participate in as many of them as you want. Each 15 minute stretch gives away 190 free spins to the participants — that’s almost 20,000 free spins every single day!


190 Free Spins On NetEnt Slots Every 15 Minutes Until October

netbet tournament free spins to be wonEvery day, a number of different mini tournaments on various NetEnt slots will be taking place at NetBet Casino. Each tournament lasts for 15 minutes and as soon as one ends, another one starts right away. To opt in, you have to navigate to the promotions section at NetBet casino site, find a tournament you like and click ‘Join the tournament.’

The rules are very simple. Five players, who manage to win the most in 15 minutes will win the tournament as well. Here’s how the prizes are distributed:

  • 1st place: 100 free spins
  • 2nd place: 50 free spins
  • 3rd place: 25 free spins
  • 4th place: 10 free spins
  • 5th place: 5 free spins

Not all the wins made during the tournament time count, though. Instead of processing all the wins, only the best 20 consecutive spins count. The position on the tournament leader board is estimated in a simple way. The best total net wins on 20 consecutive spins are divided by the total amount wagered on those spins and then are multiplied by 20.

That’s why only those players, who make at least 20 spins during the tournament time are eligible for a prize. If you wager less than 20 spins, you don’t even get onto the leader board. Didn’t succeed the first time? Try again! You can get each prize up to 10 times, which means a maximum you can win is 1,900 free spins. So, if you didn’t reach the limit, there’s still something to play for.

Most importantly, it takes just one click to join all the upcoming tournaments. The moment you click on any ‘join the tournament’ button, you can simply continue spinning the tournament slots and win free spins as you go. This means instant and uninterrupted fun at any time you want.


Games That You Can Play At These NetBet Tournaments

warlords crystals of power slotAll of the games featured in these tournaments are, of course, slots and not just any slots but some of the hottest ones to date. It was NetEnt that made this tournament possible, so a good amount of fun is guaranteed. Here’s a shortlist of some of the featured games, so you can get the idea of what’s waiting for you at NetBet casino:

  • Starburst
  • Jack and the Beanstalk
  • Warlords: Crystal of Power
  • Gonzo’s Quest
  • Butterfly Staxx
  • Spinata Grande
  • Twin Spin

Now, are you ready to claim your 1,900 free spins on some of the best slots in the world? You better be, because there’s no time to waste. Visit NetBet casino right now, register for a new account if you don’t have one yet and start participating this very minute for a share of more than 500,000 free spins!

Can You Make Phone Bill Deposits Using Another Handset?

mobile phone bill boku mobileThe vast majority of phone bill deposits made at mobile casinos are made using the phone bill of the handset the player is using to pay. It’s the most convenient way to make these payments and the way of doing it makes perfect sense to anyone. However, over our years of thinking and writing about mobile phone bill deposits, one of the most common questions players ask is whether it’s possible to make payments via phone bill on a device other than the phone you’re using.

The answer is yes, of course you can! It’s not just possible, it’s super easy and convenient to make such payments, way more so than you might think anyway. So, in this post we thought we’d quickly run you through exactly how you make a payment at a mobile casino using a phone bill deposit on an alternative phone.


Making Phone Bill Deposits From Another Mobile Phone

pay by phone low deposit micro transactionsThe first way you can use phone bill deposits is on another mobile phone. If you’re using a different mobile phone to make these deposits, you’ll quickly realise that the process for making such deposits is pretty much exactly the same as simply using the phone you’re using to play, only with a separate handset.

When you choose the mobile phone bill payment method, you’ll be invited to enter the phone number you want to charge and you simply have to enter the phone number of the handset you want to charge. From then on, the process should be familiar.

Because services like Boku, Payforit and Pay by Phone all simply send you confirmation SMS messages to reaffirm you want to make the payment, it doesn’t actually matter what number or what phone device you use. You’ll receive the message on the number you provide at the casino and you’ll either need to reply to the message or use the code it provides at the casino page.


Phone Bill Deposits From BT Landlines

BT Landline LogoIt’s not just other mobile phones you’re able to use to make phone bill deposits. Newsflash — if you have a BT landline, you’re also able to use this phone bill to make deposits in a similar method. Though not all casinos, which accept mobile phone bill deposits also accept BT landline deposits, the number that do is probably a lot higher than you think.

The idea is exactly the same as with mobiles: you enter the phone number you want to charge, BT will forward the money to the casino you’re using and you’ll pay for the deposit in your bill at the end of the month.

Obviously, because you can’t receive texts to a landline, when you provide a BT landline number to make a phone bill deposit, the service will call you and either provide you with a code to enter at the casino or else request you enter a code that the casino has provided you with. It’s basically like an audio version of the confirmation SMS message you receive when using a mobile phone. Other than this one quirk, the service functions in almost exactly the same way.

What Is ‘Ethnic Betting’? The Launch Of

Blackbet HomepageWhat exactly is ‘ethnic betting’? Well, we only have until the end of October to find out, because that’s when the clock runs down on the launch countdown of the mysterious The site has been around for a couple of months now and has been counting down until the 1st October, when it promises to bring ‘Ethnic sports betting’ to the UK.

Yet what is meant by this and what will we be able to expect from when it launches? We’ve collated all the information we have so far about the enigmatic betting site to try and work out what is going on here.


What We Know About

Blackbet More Information Well, the answer to this is — frankly, very little. All we know for sure is what’s displayed on the site itself. If you click onto the site, you’ll discover a revolving slideshow of scenes of athletes and fans, and if you’re looking around for a short while, you’ll soon realise that the majority of the people in the photos are ethnic minorities. There’s one large bit of text on the main page that reads “Ethnic sports betting coming 1st Oct” – what is meant by this is, unfortunately, pretty much anyone’s guess.

Hitting a ‘more information’ button brings up some text that explains that  they are “a new UK and European focused ethnic sports betting brand,” going on to talk about giving the “players our communities the most thrilling online gaming entertainment experience possible,” followed by a spiel about being a hyper-focused business, which will regularly update its gaming content.

Other than all this, we really have very little to go on to work out what is actually offering, who it’s aimed at or which sports it’ll cover and what games it will feature. The domain was registered on the 9th of May, but any attempt to discover who it is who owns the site comes up against a privacy wall. There’s a contact page, but as yet, out attempts to get in contact with representatives from the site have proved fruitless.


What Could Be Going On?

Man With Question MarkWhile it’s clear that the page is designed to build hype, it’s super unclear what that hype is meant to be built around. It seems unlikely that it’s actually going to be offering betting for exclusively ‘ethnic’ customers or on exclusively ‘ethnic’ games, not least because first, that kind of racial discrimination is illegal and second, how do you even define ‘ethnic’?

If you dig a little deeper, you discover that has an address registered in London at the same address where you’d find a PR company called Wimbart. It just so happens that this PR company works a lot with customers from Africa, particularly those based in Nigeria. The fact that the 1st October will mark 60 years since Nigeria gained its independence from the UK might suggest there’s a link here. The plot, however, is pretty bloody thick.

The best idea we’ve come across to explain the site is that it will mark the announcement that SUPABETS is coming to the UK. If you’re not aware yet, SUPABETS is a Nigerian based company which has a partnership with a betting site called If you click onto that site, you’ll notice the graphics are almost identical to, leading many to speculate a link.

While we’re sorry we can’t bring you more accurate information at this time, rest assured that we’ll share any information we get with you as soon as it comes across our desks!

Panda Pow Mobile Slot Reviewed — Adorable Yet Punchy!

Panda Pow Feature ImageWhat do you do if you are the sort of person, who plays a slot game for the big wins but also fancies a game that can put a massive smile on face? Play Panda Pow of course! Designed as based on an adorable chubby panda that practices the art of Kung-Fu, this mobile slot is delivers more fun that you can ever imagine.

Once you have started playing, you will realize that behind the Panda’s cute smile, he packs a massive punch – a colossal 1,000x your spin wager punch in precise. And if you thought that is something that is still too tame for you, what about 20 free spins that are up for grabs at all times?



Before we dive into the action, let’s get through some of the basics of the Panda Pow slot real quick. For starters, this slot features five reels that are paired with 25 paylines. This game is playable from anything between 25p all the way up to a staggering £1,000 per spin.

You may adjust the wager size that you are comfortable playing with at the bottom left of your reels or via the setting buttons. As with all Lightning Box Games, the Autoplay function is available, making it convenient for players, who prefer to multi-task while having fun playing their favourite slots.

Panda Pow Gameplay

From a quick glance of all the symbols and background of your reels, you will notice that much of it is designed based on an oriental theme. Aside from the conventional playing cards, there are some interesting symbols such as the Goldfish, Chinese coins and paper lanterns, amongst others. The highest paying symbol in this game is the Panda eating bamboo one, so make sure to always have a lookout for those.

Panda Pow Normal Win

Panda Pow treats all of its players with both decent payout sizes and frequencies. Throughout the game, you shouldn’t have any issues maintaining your bank balance if you are able to activate the bonus features every now and then.


Bonus Features

First up are the traditional Wilds. They come in the form of the Red Bonus Panda symbol and they will substitute for all other symbols except for the Golden Panda to complete winning paylines. They will appear only on your second, third and fourth reels, however.

Panda Pow Wild Win

We are going to get straight to the chase. The main bonus feature in this game is the free spins. To trigger this feature, you will need a minimum of five Golden Panda symbols anywhere on your reels.

The more Golden Pandas you get, the higher the number of free spins awarded. Five, six, seven, eight and nine bonus symbols will grant you five, eight, twelve, fifteen and twenty free spins respectively.

Panda Pow Free Spins Win

On top of that, if you happen to get any Golden Panda symbols during the free spins itself, additional rounds will be granted. As this is the only bonus feature in this game, you should be expecting to be playing it quite often. In our experience, you will be able to activate the free spin rounds every 25 to 30 normal spins.



We love that Lightning Box Games have designed all the symbols and visual elements in this game with great attention to detail. In our opinion, pulling off the oriental theme is quite a challenging feat and it couldn’t be more beautifully executed. The little animations in this game will also keep you entertained, especially so during your free spin rounds and wins in the base game.

Panda Pow Big Win

We know that we are nitpicking here, but the only thing we wished was better is the soundtrack. After a few minutes playing Panda Pow, the music gets repetitive and you will be looking to hit the mute button as soon as you possibly can.

Compatibility wise, you can choose to play this game on every type of device under the sun, mobile or not. If you were wondering, Panda Pow is supported even on older phones, so don’t worry if you have not upgraded your mobile phone in a longer while.


Unique Feature

We have to say that the Panda Pow slot is all about the free spins. To be absolutely honest, we thought that this game would have done a lot better if it had a couple more bonus features in it. In this age and time, there is no way on earth that one feature was going to cut it. Fortunately, the developers have compensated by giving us way more free spins than what we normally get in any other slot.

Panda Pow Super Big Win

As mentioned previously, it is not too difficult to trigger this feature, plus up to 20 free spins can be won at any single time. In this one occasion, we can forgive Lightning Box Games, but they did better make sure this doesn’t happen again.


Last words…

To sum it up, we have to say that the Panda Pow was somewhat of a mixed ride for us. On one hand it is a really fun slot to play with all the Wilds and free spins. On the other, there really isn’t enough bonus features in this game.

The developers did try to compensate by offering tonnes of free spins, but after a while it fails to maintain the level of excitement that you had when you first started playing this game. Panda Pow would be perfect for short gaming sessions and we believe that casual players will totally be in love with it.

PlayFrank Casino Offering 120 Free Spins With NetEnt’s CopyCats

play frank logoWith September marking the beginning of the autumnal season, it’s time for a brand new wave of promotions. Many mobile casinos have laid out plans to please players with cash bonuses and some extra spins. The latter is certainly the case for PlayFrank mobile casino, who are currently offering up to 120 free spins to use with NetEnt‘s recent video slot, CopyCats.

The promotion takes place today (5th September) and Thursday (7th September), meaning you have only a few days to grab these extra spins. The promotion has been labelled ‘Drill to Win’ and is fairly simple to enter into. It also promotes a NetEnt slot which we think will become one of its next classic slots, alongside Starburst and Gonzo’s Quest. Here’s how you can enter.


Become A PlayFrank Member

PlayFrank Banner StarburstThe first thing that you should definitely do (if you haven’t already), is become a registered member of PlayFrank casino. This is easy to accomplish and takes very little time. All you need to do is click the Sign Up button at the top corner of the screen then fill out your details.

Once done, you can take part not only in this promotion but in all the others that PlayFrank has to offer up, too. Not to mention you get to enjoy fantastic games made by NetEnt, Microgaming, BestSoft, and Evolution Gaming.

But for these free spins, you can sign up and make a deposit of at least £20. That is literally all you have to do. It’s definitely worth registering because that way you can stay at PlayFrank casino permanently and enjoy other things that they have to offer. And once you’ve done it, you never have to do it again. It’s that simple, really. Even if you’re a member of another casino, it’s always best to keep others around for some variety.


What’s Up For Grabs

So, once you’ve deposited your £20 or more into your new PlayFrank wagering account, what happens next? Well, depending on how much you have put down, you will receive a number of free spins to use with NetEnt’s CopyCats slots. Each deposit amount can be divided thus:

  • Put down £20 and receive 20 free spins
  • Put down £50 and receive 30 free spins
  • Put down £100 and receive 50 free spins

It’s really that simple as that. And there are numerous methods in which you can make a deposit at PlayFrank — simply access their banking page to see what methods are available. You can choose to pay by phone, through credit cards or via e-wallets like Skrill or Neteller.

You cannot, however, exchange your free spins for cash or use them on any other game during the promotional period. You can deposit as much as you like but you’ll only get up to 120 free spins so be sure to choose carefully how much you spend.

As for the Copy Cats slot itself, if you haven’t played it already, check it out in action by looking at the game in action by watching this video:


Other PlayFrank Promotions

We’ve said it several times already, but sticking around at PlayFrank is a good idea for players who want to make use of what they’ve got to offer. Their welcome bonus alone, which gives players a sizeable cash bonus of up to £200 also dishes out 100 free spins to use with NetEnt’s Starburst.

They may not have all of the promotions in the world as of this time, but they do split the welcome bonus into three parts, making it easier for players to stay at PlayFrank and use their winnings. And who knows? They might get around to making up more as time goes on.


Spinland Casino — Large Welcome Bonus, But Otherwise Average Operator

Spinland Casino logoA great way to name a casino is to choose something simple, something that defines what you are in preferably less than three words. Some great casinos aren’t obviously casinos if you just go by their name — Mr Green is the first that comes to mind. Spinland is a beautiful name for what is, admittedly, a fairly average casino.

Don’t misunderstand us. Spinland isn’t a bad casino. Far from it. We were just expecting more, seeing as how we have quite high standards given some of the casino operators that we look at on a regular basis (again, Mr Green comes to mind). But if you’re looking for a good time with very little fuss then Spinland is the right casino for you.


Casino URL
Operator 1 x 2 Gaming, NetEnt, Blueprint, Elk Studios, NYX, Quickspin, and many others
Games 600+ Games, including Video Slots, Table Games and Live Casino Games
Welcome Bonus 200% of £3,000 Welcome Bonus Plus 50 Free Spins
Other Bonuses Land of Prizes
Wagering requirements 30x
Banking Maestro, VISA, Mastercard, Neteller, Paysafecard, Trustly, GiroPay, SoFort, Dotpay



spinland macbook homepageOne of the best things about Spinland has to be just how many games it has. Seriously, there are so many that it’s hard ton know where to begin. You have all your classic software developers such as NetEnt and Microgaming, providing such classics like Starburst and Jurassic World. But you also have a selection of relatively unknown developers that provide some extra slots you may not be familiar with.

It gives that extra level of variety and choice which the player, at almost any other casino, would most certainly not have. So, no. You would never get bored at a casino like this. There’s so much choice that it’s not allowed. That’s what makes it a great casino for new players — they can try out all these slots in one place without having to go to other casinos to do so.


Promotions And Bonuses

The primary bonus worthy of note at Spinland has to be the welcome bonus. With a tantalising promise of £3,000 in deposit match bonus (yep, three thousand, you read that correctly), plus an extra fifty free spins on top of that, it makes players want to stick around for sure, even if it is just to use this bonus in particular. There are seven ways you can make your first deposit:

  • 1st option: Deposit £25 and you get £50 to match
  • 2nd option: Deposit £50 and you get £100 to match
  • 3rd option: Deposit £100 and you get £200 to match
  • 4th option: Deposit £250 and you get £500 to match
  • 5th option: Deposit £500 and you get £1,000 to match
  • 6th option: Deposit £1,000 and you get £2,000 to match
  • 7th option: Deposit £1,500 and you get £3,000 to match

As for the second and third part to the bonus, you can deposit a much smaller amount and get some cash as well as more free spins. A pretty generous welcome bonus which could be great for high-rollers, who like to bet more. Unfortunately, that’s about it for Spinland in terms of mobile casinos.

They do have a secondary long-term promotion scheme called Land of Prizes in which members can win awesome monthly prizes, but that’s about it. It has a VIP member’s club too, but there should be plenty already on offer before anyone subscribes to that.



Banking at Spinland is pretty varied and offers up a wide range of methods players can use to make their financial transactions. You have your typical credit/debit card methods such as VISA and Mastercard, but you also have your range of e-wallets like Neteller and Skrill.

Sadly, there’s no PayPal, but what can you do? Wire bank transfers are an option as well as Paysafecard, if your thing is paying for deposits using an e-voucher. There are also a selection of foreign financial transaction services in case you happen to use those.

Annoyingly, Spinland aren’t 100% clear on things like deposit and withdrawal limits, perhaps because there is no deposit amount? Even so, we’d wish they’d say this rather than just let us guess. We’re going to assume the withdrawal amount would be minimum of £20-£30 with the withdrawal period, at best, being immediate, at worst probably taking between three to five days.


Who Should Play At Spinland Casino?

If you’re new to online gambling and you’re looking for a good casino to get started with, Spinland is honestly your best bet — no pun intended. It has a very good amount of games and a great welcome bonus to keep you satisfied for a good while.

We just wish there were more variety in promotions seeing that there’s not much else worthy of note. However, if you’re satisfied with what’s already here, then who are we to stop you?

Casumo Player Wins £2.7 Million On NetEnt Jackpot Slot

Casumo LogoCasumo is one of our favourite online casinos. Not only do they offer players tonnes of great games and bonuses, but they also allow you to bank via Boku — our favourite depositing method. In addition, Casumo players may be some of the luckiest around. Over the past five months, the site has paid out over £10 Million in jackpot wins, with the latest winner walking away with £2.7 million!

Susan from the UK placed a £3 bet at the site, unaware that it would result in her becoming a multi-millionaire. But how did she do it and what game was she playing? Read on to hear Susan’s full story and to learn more about how you could also win big at Casumo.


Susan’s Winning Story

Casumo Jackpot Celebration IllustrationAs mentioned above, Susan won her multi-million prize by wagering £3 on a online slot at Casumo casino.  Yep, you heard that right — just £3. Not usually a slots fan (she prefers bingo), Susan was down to her last £9 and decided to take the plunge. She took a third of the money and chose to bet it on a NetEnt’s Mega Fortune Dreams slot, which has been the game for creating millionaires at Casumo all year.

Unlike many Mega Fortune players, however, Susan wasn’t betting to try and win big. She says that she simply wanted to enter the bonus game, so that she could top up her bankroll a little in order to keep playing. Call it karma if you like, but compared to the jackpot-hunters that frequent these types of games, we think Susan’s aims were pretty humble!

Susan turned her £3 into £2.7 million in a matter of minutes, meaning that she walked away with 900,000 times her original bet. She was, as you would imagine, shocked but thrilled. Talking to the casino afterwards, she said: “It’s so unreal. These things just don’t happen to people like us.” She also shared that her partner, who was at work at the time, was also in disbelief. She said he simply kept saying “this can’t be real,” and that it wasn’t until they were contacted by a Casumo rep that the win really started to sink in.

Nevertheless, Susan has already got plans for the money. As well as being able to make her dreams of a bigger home a reality, it will also go towards making sure her and her partner can celebrate their 60th birthdays in style. “We’ve been planning to throw a mutual birthday party later this year. For sure there will be an open bar at that party.”


Casumo’s Winning Streak

Casumo Jackpot IllustrationWhen you hear of a big win like Susan’s, you can normally chalk it up to a once-in-a-lifetime event and, whilst you may be jealous, it’s pretty safe to assume it’s not likely to happen to often.

However, Casumo players are seemingly on a winning streak and, in fact, it’s the third of it’s kind at the site this year. The casino has paid out over £10 Million in jackpot wins in the past five months alone. Here are some other huge wins at Casumo this year:

  • 30 March: £3 million on a £2.50 spin in Mega Fortune
  • 4 April: €4.2 million on a €1 spin in Mega Fortune Dreams


Mega Fortune Dreams

Mega Fortune Dreams by NetEntHaving created two of Casumo’s biggest winners this year, Mega Fortune Dreams is clearly the game to play. The NetEnt slot was first release in 2014, and has since become one of the brand’s hottest progressive titles. It’s also this popularity that allows the game to boast jackpots worth millions.

Mega Fortune Dreams is a five reel slot, featuring 20 paylines. It’s playable from as little as 20p a spin, up to £80, and is available across all devices. As to be expected from a NetEnt title, it’s visually stunning and features a ‘luxury’ theme. This means symbols on the reels include Rolex watches, champagne and diamond rings.

The game also benefits from a free spins round, with added multipliers, as well as wilds and that all important jackpot bonus game. Of course, not everyone who plays Mega Fortune Dreams will end up as lucky as Susan, but if you want to give it a try then why not head over to Casumo? New players can currently pick up a huge welcome package worth up to £1,200, plus 200 free spins. Who knows, you could be the casino’s next millionaire winner!

How To Make Simple Mobile Casino Deposit Using Pay By Phone

pay by phoneThere are a lot of ways for mobile depositors to pay using their mobile phone at their online casinos. We’ve already covered how you can make mobile deposits using Boku Mobile and Payforit, but we’ve only given a brief overview about the third largest mobile payment method you can use. It continues to grow in popularity all the time and that’s called Pay By Phone.

As the name suggests, Pay By Phone lets you make payments to your online casinos via your mobile phone. As we explained when we took a look at the differences between mobile depositing methods, Pay By Phone has a very unique way for players to make mobile deposits, which greatly cuts down on the time you have to spend in the depositing menus. So, let’s take a look at how you can make deposits using Pay By Phone and how it continues to be slickest mobile depositing service ever created.


How To Deposit At Your Mobile Casino Using Pay By Phone

pay by phone depositing screenWe’ll give you all the details you need to make deposits using Pay By Phone and then explain how it all works a little later on. But for now, this is what you need to know in order to make deposits using Pay By Phone at your mobile casinos:

  1. Firstly, make sure the casino you’re signing up with uses Pay By Phone as its mobile depositing service before you open an account
  2. As with all mobile casinos, you will have to verify a mobile phone number when you initially sign up with them
  3. Along with the standard welcome SMS you receive after you’ve signed up, you’ll also receive a four digit Pay By Phone validation number; keep this number safe so you can deposit with it later
  4. When you log into the casino, head to the depositing page of your casino and select Pay By Phone as your preferred depositing method
  5. You then must confirm the amount you want to deposit; it’s at this point you’ll also have to enter your 4 digit Pay By Phone validation number
  6. You then need to hit confirm and your payment will be authorised; you will receive an SMS message to confirm that your payment has gone through, acting as your receipt also
  7. You have now deposited and are free to use the casino


What Makes Pay By Phone Depositing Unique And Fast?

pay by phone validation codeYou may have noticed from just the instructions alone that Pay By Phone depositing is much different to other phone bill depositing methods. As usual, any transactions you make will be added to your end of the month mobile bill, or come straight from your mobile phone credit if you’re a pay as you go user.

On top of that, users will also be subject to a maximum depositing limit of £30 for each transaction that they make. However, when it comes to the way you deposit, Pay By Phone has a few tricks up its sleeve to make it faster to deposit than every other mobile depositing method. Don’t worry, because it will still retain the same security that makes phone bill depositing so secure.

Your Pay By Phone method is uniquely tied to every single casino you sign up with. Instead of using your mobile number as one of the ways to authorise a deposit, your casino signs you up with Pay By Phone from the moment you sign up with their service. Every time you go to make a deposit, instead of entering your mobile phone number, Pay By Phone already knows your phone number as its tied to your casino account.

Instead, you input a four digit validation code, which acts like a pin code to authorise the payment. Pay By Phone works more like an e-wallet like PayPal does. You go to make a deposit and then enter your password in order to confirm the purchase. Instead of having to type in your entire mobile number each time, you now simply enter a four digit code which is easy to learn off by heart.

pay by phone depositMobile depositing services like Boku Mobile and Payforit will also ask you to either enter a unique code, which is texted to you on each transaction, or to respond to an SMS message in order to confirm your payment. While these are simple enough, they do require you to have to leave the depositing page and return to your messaging app in order to read or send an SMS.

Pay By Phone doesn’t bother with this: it just gives you a pin code when you sign up and that’s all you need to enter to confirm the payment, giving you no reason to leave the depositing page. Pay By Phone retains its security by giving you that four digit pin code. Unless someone has taken your mobile phone, they will never know what your four digit validation code is in order to make payments.

You can even delete the SMS containing the code and memorise it to make sure that even if someone steals your phone, they’ll never be able to guess your code and make mobile payments without you knowing. Overall, Pay By Phone is a fast, simple and secure way to make mobile phone bill deposits, which stands head and shoulders above any other mobile depositing methods. You can find it at more and more casinos as the service gains in popularity for its user friendly way to pay.

NetEnt Announce All Their New Slots Coming At The End Of 2017

netent slotsNetEnt has announced its Q4 2017 release schedule, detailing all the slot games which it will release before the end of the year. There are three slot games in total, which details the NetEnt slot releases for October and November. The annual Christmas slot which NetEnt release in December will be part of their new batch, so sadly we can’t see what NetEnt have in store for us for the Christmas season, although we can guess that Santa Claus will probably turn up in it.

Yet, we do have a glimpse into what new ideas NetEnt are bringing to the table. And the best news is that players are going to get two slots released during October, which is a nice surprise to round out the year. So without any further delay, let’s see what NetEnt fans should be anticipating later in 2017.


Blood Suckers 2 — 12th October (Timed Exclusive)

blood suckers 2 slotThis announcement should instantly bring excitement to any slots fan as it’s the sequel to the stellar Blood Suckers slot. While Blood Suckers was a relatively simple slot, with an additional free spins bonus round and pick and collect bonus to mix up the gameplay, it had one standout feature: a 98% RTP.

Whilst most slots don’t want to risk a high RTP, teasing players with numbers around the early to mid 90s, Blood Suckers went all in and delivered one of the highest, if not the highest slot RTP that we’ve ever seen at the online casinos. Blood Suckers’ 98% RTP is the feature which has kept it in the most played slots list all these years.

With the sequel, NetEnt haven’t been quite as brave, offering up a 96.94% RTP for Blood Suckers 2. However, even with a lower RTP, you can’t deny that it is still a very strong RTP rate when compared with every other slot out there. Blood Suckers 2 has also stepped up its gameplay, offering players four bonus features in total.

These bonus features include two randomly triggered features which add extra overlay bonus symbols to the slot in order to help you activate the 2 scatter triggered bonus features. These scatter triggered bonus features include an all new free spins bonus round and a Hidden Treasure bonus feature where you open coffins and chests to win cash prizes. As long as you keep winning, you go up levels, to win a potential 670x your initial stake.

Blood Suckers 2 has taken a relatively feature scarce slot and packed it with higher paying out bonus features. Now you get a slot which will pay out just as well, but with more gameplay to keep you enticed. Blood Suckers is widely available on the 12th October, but is currently ready to play at Betsson Casino, where it is hosted exclusively until the October release date.


Planet Of The Apes — 23rd October

planet of the apes slotUnless you head to Betsson and try out Blood Suckers 2 early, then October is going to be an action packed month of NetEnt slots. Their new Planet Of The Apes slot will be releasing just two weeks later on the 23rd October. We’ve known about this slot for a while now, but finally we have a date confirmed for the new slot game. NetEnt CEO, Per Eriksson, is already hyping us up by promising a new paradigm for slot games, promising the slot will be “something extremely new when it comes to mobile.

The slot will be based off of the latest Planet Of The Apes trilogy, so there’ll be no references to the Statue of Liberty in this latest release. We don’t know much about the gameplay yet, but based on NetEnt’s history, they usually don’t anything particularly innovative for slots that are based on licenced properties.

We should expect a bonus packed slot game, which aims to excite rather than to surprise, which we won’t complain about because NetEnt know how to deliver a fun slot filled to the brim with bonus features. You can play the slot at all major NetEnt casinos from the 23rd October.


Finn And The Swirly Spin — 23rd November

netent logoA month later on November 23rd, we’ll be getting an entirely original idea from NetEnt. Sequels to slot classics and slots based on movies we like are great, but NetEnt shines when they deliver us slots which they have built from the ground up. Whilst Blood Suckers 2 and Planet Of The Apes look to be bonus feature heavy slots which focus on the fun factor, Finn And The Swirly Spin seems to be aiming for a more innovative take.

The slot is set to arrive with an all new way to spin the slots. NetEnt have re-designed the slot many times, with games like Dazzle Me changing the look of the reels and Aloha Cluster Pays re-inventing the way a slot calculates your wins.

We have no details for Finn And The Swirly Spin, but if swirly spins are the next innovation that NetEnt are going to bring to the slots world, then November 23rd can’t come quick enough. There’s no exclusivity deals on this slot, so you can find it at all major NetEnt casinos from the first day of release, to play on your desktop, table or mobile phone.

Ice Cave Mobile Slot Reviewed — Go Big Or Go Home!

Ice Cave Feature ImageOn paper, the Ice Cave slot by Playtech should not fare all that well with all the seasoned slot players. The theme is icy cold, only two features are present including the wilds and it is of high risks. However, the philosophy behind this slot is more than what meets the eye – go big or go home.

Your mind will be completely changed once you have actually given Ice Cave a go. Every now and then when you are lucky enough to get sticky Wilds on your reels, all you will see happen is your bank balance grow by at least five times your spin wager. Ice Cave is not a slot for the faint of heart. After all, if you are expecting high rewards, you better be prepared to take some risks…



The Ice Cave mobile slot comes with five reels and 20 flexible paylines. The game gives you an option of playing between 10 and 20 paylines and using just 10 will half your spin wager.

However, we strongly recommend that you utilise the full 20 paylines as the chances of you creating more winning paylines are higher. Coupled with the fact that the Wilds are extremely profitable and complete winning paylines, it’s all the more reason of why you should use all 20 of them.

Ice Cave Small Win

You may play the Ice Cave slot from a mere 20p and high-rollers will be glad to know that wagers up to £2,000 per spin are accepted. That said, this game will suit all types of players regardless of their budget range, although you will only wager up to the £2,000 if you were Bill Gates!

Ice Cave Graphics

Payout-wise, you shouldn’t be expecting frequent wins. Instead, you should be ready to endure lots of non-winning spins and streaks throughout this game. The good thing is that when Ice Cave finally decides to pay, it all comes in a lump sum.

Unless you have patience and willing to watch your bank balance disappear right before your eyes before you get any wins, you should probably look at trying other Playtech games.


Bonus Features

The Ice Cave mobile slot comes with three bonus features including its Wilds. There are two different Wild symbols in this game, and as per usual, the wild symbols will replace all other symbols to create winning paylines.

Ice Cave Sticky Wilds Win

First up are the Ice Wilds. They come with a 3x win multiplier and best part is, they will remain sticky on your reels until removed by the Hammer Wild symbol. Turn on the feature bet mode, and the Ice Wilds will be enabled on reel 5.

Secondly are the Hammer Wilds. They multiply winnings by 3x but will remove all the Ice Wilds present on your reels. The Hammer Wilds will only appear on your second reel.

Ice Cave Wild Hammer

Last, but not least, is the Feature bet. It costs more to play this slot with the Feature bet turned on – 1.5x in specific, but it is worth every single penny. What this does is simple: it enables the Ice Wilds on your fifth reel. Given that the Ice Wilds are sticky and come with a 3x multiplier, paying the 1.5x your wager is absolutely worth it.



The performance of Ice Cave is simply outstanding. To be honest, we were not completely sold on the icy theme in the game when we first started playing, but somehow it had grown on us.

Whilst we would agree with you that Ice Cave does not come with enough bonus features to keep us entertained for long, it definitely does compensate by keeping us entertained with enough Wilds. Gameplay is as smooth as you can ask it to be and it even loads quickly on mobile devices.

Ice Cave Sticky Wilds

We thought that the graphics (especially the symbols) looked quite dull, but then again one can argue that is how “icy” themed games should look like. Music wise, there isn’t much to shout about either, although we did like the little celebrations when you get a Wild wins.


Unique Feature

If you have been keeping up with all the new slot releases by different slot developers, you can’t help but notice that every developer is trying to play it safe – trying to please everyone by offering frequent payouts.

Ice Cave Big Win

Well, to be fair, we ourselves love it when slots payout frequently, but once in a while we do miss the times when slots were a lot more exciting when they paid out higher value wins, less frequently. Winning used to be more of an occasion and something that you can celebrate about due to its high amount. In that sense, Ice Cave is a type of slot that is quite rare to come across these days.


Last words…

If you are looking for a slot that will induce adrenaline in your veins, you have come to the right place. The Ice Cave slot by Playtech is a game that will always keep you on the edge of you seat and is thrilling to play from the first minute.

It is known to often test the patience of all its players, but stick to your guns and you shall be rewarded handsomely. With great risks, comes great rewards!