4 Common Mistakes Carried Out With Pay By Phone Billing

mobile commuterIf you’ve been following us for a while now, you’d know that we are strong proponents for pay by phone billing. Hell, it’s even in our name: casinopaybyphone.co.uk! And why shouldn’t we? It’s fast, easy, efficient and can be a great alternative to other payment methods at mobile casinos.

However, not all players out there are entirely sure how they work. Worse yet, they think they know but continue to make basic errors that stop them from putting down a payment. Here are the four of the most common (yet simple) mistakes players who use pay by phone billing make.

Failing To Check Details

mobile payment methodsThe first error people tend to make when it comes to pay by phone billing is forgetting to check their details first. This really is a simple fix and 9/10 is usually what causes problems for players, meaning troubleshooting should be a quick and easy process. However, it is still prevalent and people could take extra measures to avoid it.

Our advice is to you is to check, check and check again that the details you’ve sent are correct. It’ll drive you nuts if you keep getting wrong what can easily be solved quite quickly.

Not Replying To Confirmation

Mobile PaymentsIf you do even a basic Google search on pay by phone billing at mobile casinos, you will find that in order to secure a payment you need to send your initial payment text and reply to a confirmation text in order for it to go through.

A serious amount of players don’t know this until it’s too late and end up not paying anything because of their ignorance of the confirmation-based system. Make sure you don’t do this otherwise you won’t get money into your wagering account.

Entering Confirmation Code Incorrectly

pay by phone validation codeSimilar to the above post thought not quite the same is the fact that many people do not check to see if they’ve entered their confirmation code correctly with pay by phone billing. Basically, check your SMS message before you send it just to be sure.

If you fail to do this, the transaction will become null and void, so make sure you do the process properly the first time. Our advice would be to copy and paste the confirmation code from the original SMS into the one you want to send out. That way, there’s no way you can get it wrong.

Exceeding £30 Limit

Boku Deposit LimitFinally, one of the most common errors made with pay by phone billing is players going over the daily limit of £30. It’s pretty common knowledge but every network has imposed this limit to protect the player from overspending. However, those new to pay by phone billing wouldn’t be so savvy and might spend too much on their first go.


Basically, all it takes is some extra effort on part of the player to do their research before choosing to use pay by phone billing. You don’t want to end up overspending or not spending at all because of a silly error that could be fixed in a second.

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4 Common Mistakes Carried Out With Pay By Phone Billing
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