The 3 Biggest Reasons Mobile Deposits Are The Safest Form Of Payment

Secure PhoneMobile deposits have gained quite a bit of popularity over recent years, and with good reason. They are easy, convenient and make life so much easier for the depositing online gambling players. All they have to do is send a simple text in order to pay it in. Companies are even trying to create an alternative service that are as simple and as swift as this service is due to its enormous popularity.

On the other hand, there are other advantages to mobile deposits that nobody really talks about. The biggest of them is security. For some reason, mobile deposits have gained the reputation of not being safe whatsoever. This is probably due to the fact that mobile deposits don’t require things like a username, pass code or PIN in order to use. Either way, it couldn’t be further from the truth. Mobile deposits are perfectly safe. Not only that, but we’re going to give you three reasons today as to why mobile deposits are the safest form of payment there is at a mobile casino.

Properly Regulated

UK Gambling CommissionOnce, mobile deposits were regarded as the outsiders of the online gambling industry, and to an extent that’s true. They were originally built to be used to update subscriptions to online magazines and the like. The process wasn’t built with online gamblers in mind. They adopted it all the same, however, and since then it’s been seen as a seedy, underhanded way of making payment — unregulated and unlawful.

The truth is, mobile deposits are very heavily regulated. No less than three governing bodies keep an eye on mobile transactions like these in order to ensure that none of them are doing any underhanded deals. These bodies include the Association of Interaction Media and Micropayments, the Phone-Paid Services Authority, and Ofcom. That’s not even covering the UKGC or other gambling-related organisations that maintain the peace. In other words, anyone who says mobile deposits aren’t regulated is seriously misinformed.

Physical Limitations

pay by mobileThe primary reason for guaranteed safety with your money, on the other hand, comes from the physical barriers players encounter when making said payments. E-wallets and credit cards can always be hacked or stolen and since sensitive information is stored on both this proves to be a massive disadvantage. Mobile deposits require no such information in order to operate. You can simply text the amount using your phone number and that is all it takes.

A one-time confirmation code gets sent to your phone every time you want to make a mobile deposit. Once it’s used, it can never be used again so the payment of that moment is secure. Any potential thieves or hackers need to work very hard in order to get a hold of your money. The first step would be to actually have your phone in their hand and we all know how unlikely that will be. In short, it’s almost impossible for your money to be taken from you.

Guaranteed Privacy

bitcoin anonymousFinally, mobile deposits are secure for their tendency to value customer privacy above all else. It’s often overlooked as it’s so obvious but, unlike e-wallets and credit cards, there is no need to use private information in order to make a payment. Literally all it takes is your phone number and that is it.

Mobile deposits are no threat to privacy and that is how it should remain. Hell, most of the time you don’t even need a bank account to use it. If you user pay-as-you-go as your tariff plan then all the better. These are the main reasons why mobile deposits are the securest payment method you can use.

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