No Casino Bonus When Using Skrill Or Neteller? Here’s Why!

skrill neteller no casino bonusIt’s no secret that casinos attract many players with their bonuses and especially the welcome offer. It isn’t uncommon for such a new player to go straight for a promising offer without reading more about it. However, most casinos have additional bonus terms that aren’t clearly stated in their ads. If there are no strings attached, it probably means you’re in a fake casino, anyway. And if you went for a casino bonus without learning all the terms, you might be in for trouble.

One such term that might come up in many online casinos is especially relevant to the welcome bonuses. It states that payments made using Skrill or Neteller aren’t eligible for the bonus. If you deposit using these methods anyway, you simply won’t get the bonus. It happens quite often too, with many people not reading the fine print below the bonus ad. But why does such a term exist anyway?


What’s The Deal With Skrill Or Neteller And Casino Bonus?

identity checkIt’s not that online casino operators don’t trust Skrill or Neteller. These are two most popular e-wallets in the industry, operating for many years. It’s also not because casinos are deliberately trying to trick the players and profit from that. The real reason is actually the opposite of that.

Online casino operators have to identify their players to make sure that their deposits and withdrawals are authorised. Regulated brands take safety very seriously as it’s one of the main concerns of casino players in general. This is the reason why all the players have to verify their identity before they make withdrawals. Without a verification, the operator has no means to check if the money actually goes to the right person. It’s the only way to prevent money laundering and fraud.

How is this related to Skrill and Neteller payments being restricted? Both of these services process payments very securely. Adding a bank card on Skrill or Neteller and paying that way also means anonymity. Instead of the bank card details, the casino operator gets very little information on the e-wallet account holder. As a result, it’s more difficult to verify the identity of the Skrill or Neteller user.

Since there’s no easy way to check if the bonus belongs to the person withdrawing it, it’s also more difficult to keep internet scammers at bay. It doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to verify the identity of a Skrill or Neteller user. However, some operators just don’t feel like going through all the trouble. Instead, they just block Skrill and Neteller payments from activating the welcome bonus. This way, players have to use other payment methods, so that casinos could learn about their customers more easily.


It Usually Applies To The Welcome Bonus Only

mobile casino welcome bonus problemOnce you’re past the welcome offer, however, you can often use Skrill and Neteller for other bonuses freely. If you used a different payment method the first time, the casino will identify you more easily. So, it doesn’t matter which payment method you use afterwards. You’re also free to use these methods if you don’t want the welcome bonus.

It is an inconvenience for the player, but it allows the casinos to offer better, higher bonuses instead. Besides, it doesn’t mean that using Skrill or Neteller is not as safe in general. True, pay by phone bill payments are just a little safer, but it’s not the fault of these e-wallets. If you want that casino bonus really bad, however, you’ll have to choose another way to claim it.


How To Claim Casino Bonus Without Skrill Or Neteller?

mobile phone bill boku mobileJust choose another payment method. Credit and debit cards will always work just fine. They’re not as convenient and not exactly as safe, but you’ll definitely get that bonus. Alternatively, you may use other online banking options like Trustly or Zimpler. These two share the pros of Skrill and Neteller but aren’t restricted when it comes to the casino bonuses.

Finally, you may as well deposit by phone bill. These methods have deposit limits, so make sure that your deposit is big enough to qualify for the bonus. You’ll have to choose a different payment method to withdraw as well, but that’s not a problem. It’s actually the perfect opportunity to switch back to Skrill or Neteller if you prefer them.

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