Trustly & Zimpler — Can Either Unseat The Great Phone Bill Deposits?

Mobile PaymentsFor the last few years, mobile phone bill depositing has been quite rightly held up as the pinnacle of mobile casino depositing, treading as it does the line between functionality, convenience and safety. However, in about the last year, two new faces – those of Trustly and Zimpler – have become a lot more familiar on the mobile casino scene and are threatening phone bill depositing’s authority.

Both designed specifically with online and particularly mobile casino gambling in mind, they each incorporate many of the positive sides of mobile gambling while doing away with some of its drawbacks. We thought we’d take the opportunity to drill down into why mobile billing depositors might love these billing options and consider whether either is a viable replacement for phone billing in its entirety.


About Trustly

trustly logoBank wire transfers can be long, tedious and monotonous, which is why the people behind Trustly decided to launch a billing service which allows you to make payments directly from bank accounts, without the hassle of entering that 16 digit number over and over.

You can save the details of as many bank accounts as you like in your Trustly account, and pick and choose between them when you get to the casino of your choosing. Road-tested in Scandinavia and parts of Europe over the last few years, Trustly only came to the UK in early 2017. However, it has already become the go-to choice for many a mobile gambler.


Why Phone Billing Depositors Might Like Trustly

Although the money for your deposits is coming from an entirely different location – your bank account rather than your pay monthly phone bill – players who are used to making phone bill deposits will see more than a couple of similarities in the mechanism through which deposits are made with Trustly.

When you choose to use Trustly, you’ll be asked to provide your phone number – the one that is linked to your Trustly/bank account. After having done so, you’ll be prompted to choose which bank account or payment card you want the deposit to be made from. You’ll then be sent a confirmation SMS to your phone to make the payment go through.

This entering phone bill and answering an SMS means that not only does Trustly espouse the ease and convenience of a phone billing deposit, but it also offers the security the payment method boasts too. One perk here, though, is that the limits for Trustly are much higher than with mobile phone bill deposits.


About Zimpler

Zimpler LogoThere’s no other online or casino depositing method what has been designed more specifically for use at digital casinos than Zimpler. Developed by experts with years of experience within the gambling industry, Zimpler is so fully integrated into the casino’s you love, that you can manage your entire account from within the casino window.

You can create a Zimpler account, add as many payment methods as you like and make payments all without leaving the casino you’re playing at. This is like an e-wallet that’s been specifically engineered to be perfect for use by mobile phone casino gambler.


Why Phone Billing Depositors Might Like Zimpler

Although Zimpler is, for all intents and purposes, an e-wallet, because it’s so carefully integrated into the mobile casino experience, you can manage all your payment methods and account settings from the very casino you’re depositing at.

This means it carries much of the convenience of phone bill depositing – where you don’t have to login to another site to manage your money – but adds the bonus element of extra choice of how to pay, plus higher deposit limits.

That’s right: you can choose a different payment method for each different deposit you make. What’s more, because these methods are bank accounts and credit and debit cards, Zimpler can even be ultilised to make withdrawals from your chosen casino too.

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