Microgaming About To Release Halloween Mobile Slot

microgaming halloween mobile slot 1978 movieRemember the classic horror movie ‘Halloween’? Well, Microgaming sure does, because they’ve just decided to make a casino slot based on that movie. In their recent announcement, Microgaming reported that they made an agreement for the copyrights of Halloween. These not only include the movie and its title, but also its main character Michael Myers and even the movie’s soundtrack. Can’t wait for that slot, now!


Is The Halloween Mobile Slot Going To Be As Awesome As It Sounds?

lost vegas mobile slot microgamingMicrogaming has released a number of horror-based slots in the past. Does Lost Vegas, Jekyll and Hyde, Boogie Monsters, Trick Or Treat or Halloweenies ring a bell? Some of these games are better than the others — we can’t deny that. However, that’s because some of them are old. The new slots are a completely different story. If Halloween is going to be as good as, for example, Lost Vegas, we’re in for a real horror show.

Lost Vegas wasn’t as scary as it was immersive. The zombie attack is a classic theme in fiction and Microgaming did a great job applying the theme in a mobile slot. From electricity issues and an all-black screen to the bonus round that lasts for as long as a person can survive the infection, playing Lost Vegas actually felt like there are zombies right around the corner.

Having produced such a mobile slot, Microgaming now has more than enough experience to make amazing horror genre games. They’ve proved it countless times and that’s the reason this company is among the most highly esteemed mobile slot developers out there. So, Halloween could really remind the classic horror movie that survives in the top horror movie lists to this day. At least, that’s what we’re hoping for…


Game Features

halloween movie mobile slot release this yearSince the game is still in the production phase, not much is known about it. However, the slot will definitely include the classic soundtrack and Michael Myers himself, so we can safely say that the company has some major plans. Microgaming aims to recreate the movie as best as they can and stay true to its atmosphere. That’s what we could make out from the comment of Ryan Freimann, Senior Vice President of Compass, the company that owns Halloween brand:

“We are excited to team up with Creative Licensing and Microgaming to bring Michael Myers and Halloween home to all of our loyal fans in the best possible ways through top licensees who create products we feel honour the character, film, and franchise.”


Release Date Set For 2017

microgaming halloween mobile slot release dateThe only thing we know about the release date of Halloween mobile slot is that it’s coming this year. The most obvious (and best) choice would be 31st October or November the 1st, so Microgaming has over three months to finish the job. This is more than enough time to make this year’s Halloween much more amazing!

Yes, Halloween the movie is very old and full of clichés. However, it’s precisely because of films like this that we have such clichés in the first place. Is it going to be the same with Halloween the mobile slot? We will have to wait a little bit before we find out, but chances are this game will bring back the old memories big time.

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