What Are The Differences Between Boku, Pay By Phone And Payforit?

mobile phone bill boku mobileIf you’ve made mobile phone bill deposits at multiple casinos, you’ll probably know by now that there are different companies which can handle your deposit requests – the biggest and most prolific of which are Boku, Payforit and Pay By Phone. While all of these services operate along pretty much the same lines – using the principle of premium SMS to bill you for a casino deposit – there are subtle differences in the way they work. These won’t change your ability to deposit – especially because none require logins – but it’s worth understanding these differences, so you know what to expect when you play.


User Interface

Bou Payment VisualisedThe first difference you’ll notice between the services is a purely aesthetic one – their interfaces simply look different. When you select mobile depositing as your chosen method of getting cash into your casino account, a new page will open with the interface for the method your casino uses as a skin over their own site. This is your main way of telling that the payments are secure, as your details are never actually share with the casino.

However, each of the interfaces you’ll find for these different payment methods looks slightly different, and operates in a subtly different way. For instance, while Boku will invite you to enter the amount you want to deposit first, Payforit will want to know your phone number first. Luckily, these are all super well-designed user interfaces, meaning that you’ll never get lost while using them, and you’re guaranteed to be able to follow what’s going on with relative ease.


Confirmation Method

PayForIt SmartphoneThe main difference that will actually affect the way you interact with the payment methods is the way you confirm your payment. The confirmation is the most important security feature built into mobile phone bill depositing, but each of these methods have a slightly different way of dealing with it. Each of the methods will send you a text message asking you to confirm the payment, but what you have to do next differs from method to method.

If you’re using Boku, you have the simplest task; simply respond ‘Y’ (for ‘Yes’) to the text message, and your fund will automatically be credited from your phone bill and added to your casino account. Pay By Phone and Payforit, on the other hand, will text you confirmation codes – four and six digit respectively – which you have to enter manually into the interface to be able to confirm the payment. This second method is arguably more secure, as it avoids accidental payments, but both work to prevent fraud.


Depositing Limits

Boku Deposit LimitThe final difference you want to pay attention to is the limits each of these payment methods have on their deposits. Now, there’s an overall limit of £30 per day/month put on mobile phone bill deposits by the mobile phone networks which facilitate the payments, but the individual transaction limits of each method differ slightly.

Boku and Payforit will prevent you from depositing more than £10 in one transaction, while Pay By Phone will allow you to drop your full £30 load in one go. This doesn’t make too much practical difference to you, as you can simply make more than one transaction with the first two methods, but if you know you want to deposit more, it can be a bit of a hassle.

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