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Tips on How Best to Choose a Pay by Phone Casino

We all know that there are plenty of mobile casinos out there, so many in fact that it’s hard to choose which one is best for us. But when it comes to a pay by phone casino, the choice becomes easier as there are fewer of them around. However, it can still be tricky.
How do we know that pay by phone casino is legit or that it even offers the right material for us? It’s all well and good to let you pay by mobile but would it even be worth paying for if there’s nothing else for them to offer. This is why we’ve assembled a list of 5 tips on how best to choose a pay by phone casino.

Check the Banking Page

This is the most obvious and the first move you should make before deciding on a pay by phone casino. It’s not always apparent on the first page that they carry out mobile deposits. It’s therefore best to head straight to the banking page and look out for company logos like Zimpler, Boku or Paysafecard. If you see any of these then you’ll know you’ve got yourself a proper pay by phone casino.

Research Promotions

It would be somewhat foolish to expect to join a casino with no idea what bonuses or promotion schemes they offer to players. We would then suggest to check what they have to offer. If one pay by phone casino has better promotions over the other then you can be certain that would be the best one to join up. But be careful! Many promotions have terms and conditions which may make it seem like what they’re advertising is false. This is not the case but you must do your homework so that you are not duped.

Play a Few Games

Surprisingly enough, many players don’t realise that they can play demo versions of the games at a pay by phone casino to see if they like playing them. It’s good fun to try out anyway but we recommend you do this anyway as a way of determining which casino is right for you. The only reason you come to casino, after all, is to play games, right? It’s only logical, then, to test said games out first. You don’t want to deposit at a pay by phone casino that’s no fun.

Check Licensing

All legit pay by phone casino site is authorised by the UK Gambling Commission. Their symbol is often at the bottom of their front page. If they don’t have it then avoid it! It would be unwise to join a casino that is not legit. You may never see your money again!

Check Social Media

Most websites these days, let alone mobile casinos, tend to have Facebook pages or Twitter accounts as a form of advertising and a way to expand their customer base. It’s always best to check any pay by phone casino site’s social media to ensure that nothing dodgy is going on. If you see a lot of complaints on their Facebook wall… well, then that casino is best avoided!